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'Dimits shift’ in gyrokinetic simulations with high and low collisionality, presented by D. MIKKELSEN (abs. #006, topic A)

3D numerical simulation of tranport and turbulence in the edge plasma, presented by Patrick TAMAIN (abs. #080, topic E)

A Field Theory Approach to Transport Processes in Tokamak Plasmas (...), presented by Giorgio SONNINO (abs. #071, topic C)

Basic investigations of electrostatic fluctuations, turbulence and transport in the TORPEX toroidal plasma, presented by A. FASOLI (abs. #012, topic E)

Characterization of Zonal Flows and Their Dynamics in Experiment and Simulation, presented by George R. TYNAN (abs. #037, topic A)

Control of turbulent transport in the SOL, presented by Guido CIRAOLO (abs. #046, topic E)

Correlations Between Toroidal Momentum and Heat Transport in ASDEX-Upgrade, presented by Alessandro JACCHIA (abs. #028, topic B)

Database of Gyrokinetic Transport Simulations and Comparison To a New Comprehensive Theory-based Transport Model, presented by Jon E. KINSEY (abs. #065, topic C)

Dependence of anomalous impurity transport on electron density and impurity charge in Tore Supra, presented by Thomas PARISOT (abs. #077, topic D)

Effect of the magnetic configuration on fluctuations and turbulence in the TORPEX toroidal plasma, presented by I. FURNO (abs. #011, topic E)

Effects of mean and zonal flows on turbulent transport in magnetised plasmas, presented by Michael LECONTE (abs. #022, topic A)

ETG turbulence coupled to ITG/TEM turbulence, presented by Jeff CANDY (abs. #044, topic C)

Evidence for the nature of cross-field transport at the boundary of magnetically confined plasmas, presented by Glenn COUNSELL (abs. #082, topic E)

Experimental investigation of turbulence at the transition from closed to open field lines, presented by Ulrich STROTH (abs. #017, topic E)


Experimental studies of some dependences of electron heat transport in ASDEX Upgrade, presented by Francois RYTER (abs. #059, topic C)

Experimental study of the role of turbulence on Momentum redistribution in a linear plasma machine, presented by Ernesto ANABITARTE (abs. #008, topic B)

Experimental understanding of impurity behaviour in fusion plasmas, presented by M.E. PUIATTI (abs. #061, topic D)

Extraction of coherent bursts from turbulent edge plasma in the tokamak Tore Supra using orthogonal wavelets, presented by Marie FARGE (abs. #089, topic E)

Fast core response to edge cooling in JET: experiments and modelling, presented by Paola MANTICA (abs. #025, topic C)

Finite ion temperature effects on SOL turbulence and transport, presented by Volker NAULIN (abs. #023, topic E)

Fluid simulations of collisionless trapped–electron mode and ion temperature gradient mode turbulence, presented by Ingmar SANDBERG (abs. #014, topic A)

Fluid simulations of turbulent impurity transport, presented by Nicolas DUBUIT (abs. #049, topic D)

Generation of Geodesic Acoustic Modes in ITG turbulence, presented by Gloria FALCHETTO (abs. #052, topic A)

Global nonlinear simulations of ETG turbulence using particles, presented by Alberto BOTTINO (abs. #019, topic C)

Gyrokinetic Simulation of Trapped Electron Turbulence, presented by Frank JENKO (abs. #066, topic C)

Gyrokinetic simulations of ETG Turbulence, presented by William M. NEVINS (abs. #068, topic C)

Gyrokinetic Studies of Toroidal Momentum Transport, presented by Taik Soo HAHM (abs. #070, topic B)

Impact of different confinement regimes on the two-dimensional structure of edge turbulence, presented by Arturo J ALONSO (abs. #001, topic B)

Inference of particle-velocity dependent transport from measurements of the ion two-point correlation function, presented by Frederick SKIFF (abs. #086, topic B)

Inter-Machine Comparison of Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation, presented by John E. RICE (abs. #047, topic B)

Intermittency in flux driven simulations issued from a kinetic code, presented by Guillaume DARMET (abs. #024, topic A)

Intermittent turbulence and turbulent structures in the Large Plasma Device, presented by Troy CARTER (abs. #031, topic E)

Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation and Core Energy Confinement in Tore Supra, presented by Christel FENZI-BONIZEC (abs. #053, topic B)


Ion ITB Characterization using T_e Perturbations, presented by J. C. DEBOO (abs. #067, topic C)

Large transport induced operational limits in tokamak plasmas, presented by Parvez GUZDAR (abs. #041, topic A)

Linear and nonlinear drift-interchange instabilities in the TORPEX toroidal plasma, presented by F.M. POLI (abs. #010, topic E)

Magnetic Fluctuation-Induced Particle Transport and Zonal Flow Generation in a High Temperature Plasma, presented by David L. BROWER (abs. #063, topic D)

Measurement of poloidal wave number spectra and rho s scaling in TJ-K, presented by Navid MAHDIZADEH (abs. #016, topic A)

Momentum transport from an experimentalis’s view, presented by Katsumi IDA (abs. #048, topic B)

Momentum transport from current-driven reconnection in flowing plasmas, presented by Vladimir MIRNOV (abs. #038, topic B)

Multiscale physics, presented by Yanick SARAZIN (abs. #078, topic A)

Nonlinear inward particle flux in trapped electron mode turbulence, presented by Paul W. TERRY (abs. #042, topic D)

Observation of coherent modes in the acoustic frequency range with reflectometry on Tore-Supra, presented by Roland SABOT (abs. #030, topic A)

Observation of neoclassical Ware pinch in core plasma of the Tore-Supra tokamak, presented by Antoine SIRINELLI (abs. #079, topic D)

On "Spontaneous" Rotation in Tokamak Plasmas, presented by Patrick DIAMOND (abs. #039, topic A)

On electron cold pulse propagation in JET H-mode and optimised shear discharges, presented by Yuriy BARANOV (abs. #020, topic C)

On Hysteresis Effects in Edge Poloidal Flow Generation, presented by Andrew WARE (abs. #090, topic B)

Overview of recent electron heat transport experiments, presented by Frédéric IMBEAUX (abs. #055, topic C)

Particle and impurity transport in tokamaks - a review of theoretical issues, presented by Per HELANDER (abs. #069, topic D)

Plasma rotation in the SOL/Pedestal from a gyrokinetic particle simulation, presented by Choong-Seock CHANG (abs. #036, topic E)

Toroidal and poloidal momentum transport studies at JET, presented by Paola MANTICA (abs. #015, topic B)

Predictive Modelling of Electron Heated JET Hybrid Discharges, presented by Gerrit Maarten HOGEWEIJ (abs. #018, topic C)

Preparation of Experimental Data from DIII-D for Testing Edge Physics Models, presented by Richard J. GROEBNER (abs. #043, topic E)

Quasi-linear theory of turbulent generation of spontaneous toroidal rotation, presented by Ozgur GURCAN (abs. #007, topic B)

Radial and Poloidal Correlation Reflectometry for NSTX, presented by Shige KUBOTA (abs. #035, topic A)

Radial Transport dynamics in the SOL of the tokamak CASTOR, presented by Pascal DEVYNCK (abs. #064, topic E)

Ratchet pinch and density peaking in H-mode JET plasmas, presented by Madelina VLAD (abs. #026, topic D)

Recent Progress in the Theory and Simulation of Electron Transport, presented by D.R. ERNST (abs. #083, topic C)

Scaling of density peaking in H-mode plasmas based on a combined database of AUG and JET observations, presented by Clemente ANGIONI (abs. #062, topic D)

Self-consistent MHD modelling of ELMs control by resonant magnetic perturbations, presented by Eric NARDON (abs. #073, topic E)

Spontaneous Flows and Turbulence in Ohmic H-modes on NSTX, presented by Charles E. BUSH (abs. #034, topic B)

Structure and Stabilization of SOL Turbulence, presented by Dylan MIRACLE (abs. #005, topic E)

Studies of the beta dependence of transport in ASDEX Upgrade, presented by Laure VERMARE (abs. #060, topic A)

The Combined Continuous Time Random Walk in Position and Momentum Space as Model for Anomalous Transport, presented by Heinz ISLIKER (abs. #087, topic D)

The common ground of the density pinch and the transition to high confinement regimes in tokamak, presented by Florin SPINEANU (abs. #027, topic D)

The Effects of Shaping on Zonal Flows, and of Noise on PIC ETG Simulations, presented by Greg HAMMETT (abs. #084, topic C)

The role of zonal flow in the formation of the H-mode density pedestal in the H-1 heliac, presented by Horst PUNZMANN (abs. #021, topic A)

Theory review, presented by A.G. PEETERS (abs. #088, topic B)

Transport and large scale flows in ITG turbulence with the 5D GYrokinetic SEmi-LAgrangian code (GYSELA), presented by Virginie GRANDGIRARD (abs. #085, topic A)

Transport barrier fluctuations governed by SOL turbulence spreading, presented by Philippe GHENDRIH (abs. #040, topic E)

Transport in H-mode and Hybrid scenario plasmas, presented by Robert V. BUDNY (abs. #045, topic D)

Transport of parallel momentum during reconnection events in the MST Reversed Field Pinch, presented by Gennady FIKSEL (abs. #074, topic B)

Transport properties of the ergodic divertor of TEXTOR deduced from deduced from target plasma parameters, presented by Michael LEHNEN (abs. #004, topic E)

Turbulence simulations of transport transients, presented by Xavier GARBET (abs. #054, topic C)

Turbulence wave-number spectra observed in Tore Supra by Doppler reflectometry, presented by Pascale HENNEQUIN (abs. #081, topic A)

Zonal Flow Triggering of Core Transport Barrier Formation when Minimum-q Crosses Integer Values, presented by Keith H. BURRELL (abs. #003, topic A)

Zonal flows and streamers in JIPPT-llU tokamak plasmas, presented by Yasuji HAMADA (abs. #032, topic A)

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