Topic A : Multiscale physics : Contribution List

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'Dimits shift’ in gyrokinetic simulations with high and low collisionality presented by D. MIKKELSEN (abs. #006)

Characterization of Zonal Flows and Their Dynamics in Experiment and Simulation presented by George R. TYNAN (abs. #037)

Effects of mean and zonal flows on turbulent transport in magnetised plasmas presented by Michael LECONTE (abs. #022)

Fluid simulations of collisionless trapped–electron mode and ion temperature gradient mode turbulence presented by Ingmar SANDBERG (abs. #014)

Generation of Geodesic Acoustic Modes in ITG turbulence presented by Gloria FALCHETTO (abs. #052)

Intermittency in flux driven simulations issued from a kinetic code presented by Guillaume DARMET (abs. #024)

Large transport induced operational limits in tokamak plasmas presented by Parvez GUZDAR (abs. #041)

Measurement of poloidal wave number spectra and rho s scaling in TJ-K presented by Navid MAHDIZADEH (abs. #016)

Multiscale physics presented by Yanick SARAZIN (abs. #078)

Observation of coherent modes in the acoustic frequency range with reflectometry on Tore-Supra presented by Roland SABOT (abs. #030)

On "Spontaneous" Rotation in Tokamak Plasmas presented by Patrick DIAMOND (abs. #039)

Radial and Poloidal Correlation Reflectometry for NSTX presented by Shige KUBOTA (abs. #035)

Studies of the beta dependence of transport in ASDEX Upgrade presented by Laure VERMARE (abs. #060)

The role of zonal flow in the formation of the H-mode density pedestal in the H-1 heliac presented by Horst PUNZMANN (abs. #021)

Transport and large scale flows in ITG turbulence with the 5D GYrokinetic SEmi-LAgrangian code (GYSELA) presented by Virginie GRANDGIRARD (abs. #085)

Turbulence wave-number spectra observed in Tore Supra by Doppler reflectometry presented by Pascale HENNEQUIN (abs. #081)

Zonal Flow Triggering of Core Transport Barrier Formation when Minimum-q Crosses Integer Values presented by Keith H. BURRELL (abs. #003)

Zonal flows and streamers in JIPPT-llU tokamak plasmas presented by Yasuji HAMADA (abs. #032)

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