Topic E : SOL transport : Contribution List

Contributions are sorted by title.

3D numerical simulation of tranport and turbulence in the edge plasma presented by Patrick TAMAIN (abs. #080)

Basic investigations of electrostatic fluctuations, turbulence and transport in the TORPEX toroidal plasma presented by A. FASOLI (abs. #012)

Control of turbulent transport in the SOL presented by Guido CIRAOLO (abs. #046)

Effect of the magnetic configuration on fluctuations and turbulence in the TORPEX toroidal plasma presented by I. FURNO (abs. #011)

Evidence for the nature of cross-field transport at the boundary of magnetically confined plasmas presented by Glenn COUNSELL (abs. #082)

Experimental investigation of turbulence at the transition from closed to open field lines presented by Ulrich STROTH (abs. #017)

Extraction of coherent bursts from turbulent edge plasma in the tokamak Tore Supra using orthogonal wavelets presented by Marie FARGE (abs. #089)

Finite ion temperature effects on SOL turbulence and transport presented by Volker NAULIN (abs. #023)

Intermittent turbulence and turbulent structures in the Large Plasma Device presented by Troy CARTER (abs. #031)

Linear and nonlinear drift-interchange instabilities in the TORPEX toroidal plasma presented by F.M. POLI (abs. #010)

Plasma rotation in the SOL/Pedestal from a gyrokinetic particle simulation presented by Choong-Seock CHANG (abs. #036)

Preparation of Experimental Data from DIII-D for Testing Edge Physics Models presented by Richard J. GROEBNER (abs. #043)

Radial Transport dynamics in the SOL of the tokamak CASTOR presented by Pascal DEVYNCK (abs. #064)

Self-consistent MHD modelling of ELMs control by resonant magnetic perturbations presented by Eric NARDON (abs. #073)

Structure and Stabilization of SOL Turbulence presented by Dylan MIRACLE (abs. #005)

Transport barrier fluctuations governed by SOL turbulence spreading presented by Philippe GHENDRIH (abs. #040)

Transport properties of the ergodic divertor of TEXTOR deduced from deduced from target plasma parameters presented by Michael LEHNEN (abs. #004)

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