Topic B : Momentum transport : Contribution List

Contributions are sorted by title.

Correlations Between Toroidal Momentum and Heat Transport in ASDEX-Upgrade presented by Alessandro JACCHIA (abs. #028)

Experimental study of the role of turbulence on Momentum redistribution in a linear plasma machine presented by Ernesto ANABITARTE (abs. #008)

Gyrokinetic Studies of Toroidal Momentum Transport presented by Taik Soo HAHM (abs. #070)

Impact of different confinement regimes on the two-dimensional structure of edge turbulence presented by Arturo J ALONSO (abs. #001)

Inference of particle-velocity dependent transport from measurements of the ion two-point correlation function presented by Frederick SKIFF (abs. #086)

Inter-Machine Comparison of Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation presented by John E. RICE (abs. #047)

Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation and Core Energy Confinement in Tore Supra presented by Christel FENZI-BONIZEC (abs. #053)

Momentum transport from an experimentalis’s view presented by Katsumi IDA (abs. #048)

Momentum transport from current-driven reconnection in flowing plasmas presented by Vladimir MIRNOV (abs. #038)

On Hysteresis Effects in Edge Poloidal Flow Generation presented by Andrew WARE (abs. #090)

Toroidal and poloidal momentum transport studies at JET presented by Paola MANTICA (abs. #015)

Quasi-linear theory of turbulent generation of spontaneous toroidal rotation presented by Ozgur GURCAN (abs. #007)

Spontaneous Flows and Turbulence in Ohmic H-modes on NSTX presented by Charles E. BUSH (abs. #034)

Theory review presented by A.G. PEETERS (abs. #088)

Transport of parallel momentum during reconnection events in the MST Reversed Field Pinch presented by Gennady FIKSEL (abs. #074)

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