Festival de theorie 2005 

Turbulence overshoot and resonant structures in fusion and astrophysical plasmas

4 - 22 July 2005
Aix-en-Provence, France



Tutorials and Presentations

 (pdf files)


Author Title
P. Beyer et al.  Dynamics of transport barrier relaxations in tokamak edge plasmas
B. Breizman et al. Global transport of energetic particles in presence of multiple unstable modes
N. Brummel Penetration, overshooting, magnetic field transport and shear barriers in turbulent compressible convection  
F. Cattaneo Some challenges to the theory of astrophysical dynamos  
S. Cowley et al. Alfven Wave Turbulence and Heating  
A. Das et al. Linear and non linear studies of EMHD instabilities driven by velocity shear  
P.H. Diamond et al. Theory of Turbulence Spreading and Entrainment
P.H. Diamond Potential vorticity dynamics for drift-wave turbulence
L.G. Eriksson  Confinement of fast ions  
D. Escande  Wave particle interactions  
X. Garbet et al.  Turbulent fluxes and entropy production rate  
T.S. Hahm  Gyrokinetic turbulence in magnetized plasmas  
D. Hughes et al. Turbulence overshoot in astrophysical plasmas  
Y. Idomura 1st  Gyrokinetic simulations of ETG turbulence in tokamaks  
Y. Idomura 2nd  Comparison of gyrokinetic PIC and CIP codes
P. Kaw, A. Das Intermittency like phenomena in plasma turbulence  
E.J. Kim  Theory of shear stabilization
W.-C. Mueller et al. MHD turbulence  
V. Naulin et al. The physics of shear flows  
Y. Sarazin et al. Kinetic features in plasma turbulence  
A. Schekochikin Overview on MHD turbulence  
A. Sen  Effect of shear flows on neoclassical tearing modes  
A. Smolyakov  Magnetic islands in a tokamak: introduction and current status  
S. Tobias et al The solar tachocline  
G. Vekstein Relaxation by forced magnetic reconnection
E. Vishniac  Accretion disks  
F. Zonca MHD instabilities and fast particles  
F. Zonca (lecture)  Particle acceleration and resonant transport  


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