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Relaxation in Magnetised Plasmas

7 - 25 July 2003
Aix-en-Provence, France

 This meeting is dedicated to
 Professor Masahiro WAKATANI


This initiative aims at organizing theory working groups on well focused subjects in magnetized plasma physics. The meetings will gather 15 to 20 experts during three to four weeks. The objective is three folds. First, the participants will present the most recent results in the field and promote new ideas. Secondly sub-groups will be formed and start new common works on the subject. In this regard, it is expected that the participants will cover a broad spectrum of expertise. The third objective is to provide educational training for PHD and post-doc students.

The second meeting will be organized from July 7nd to July 25th 2003 in Aix en Provence. The meeting will be devoted to "Relaxations in Magnetised Plasmas' Participants will come from various fields of research, namely fusion, space and astrophysics.

Each half-day of the meeting will start with an extensive talk or lecture given by each participant. The rest of the day will be shared between individual work and discussions in working groups. It is planned to produce written contribution(s) publishable in a journal.

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