Last Modified: 11/07/07



All subjects on materials for fusion reactors are appropriate for this conference. The organizers welcome the submission of abstracts in the following topics :

  1. Multiscale modeling for designing and predicting the performance of fusion materials
  2. Radiation Effects
        2.1 Microstructural evolution
        2.2 Mechanical and physical property degradation (including fracture)
        2.3 He and H effects
  3. All aspects of developing low activation and other fusion materials including fabrication and joining
        3.1 Ferritic/martensitic and ODS steels
        3.2 Refractory alloys (vanadium, tungsten, etc.)
        3.3 SiC/SiC and ceramic composites
        3.4 FCC metals and alloys (austenitic stainless steels, Cu alloys, etc.)
        3.5 Structural materials for high performance divertors
  4. Chemical compatibility and coatings
  5. Materials for plasma-facing components

    5.1 Armor materials

    5.2 Heat sink/structural materials, bonding technologies, testing

  6. Materials issues in chamber technologies
        6.1 Tritium processing and control
        6.2 Safety and waste management
        6.3 Nuclear system design
        6.4 Repair and maintenance
  7. Materials-design interface
        7.1 Materials selection and requirements
        7.2 Structural integrity and lifetime assessments
        7.3 Advanced multiphysics computational methods for systems design
        7.4 Impact of safety criteria and regulatory requirements for design and operation
  8. Materials challenges in ITER/ITER-TBM
  9. Cross-cutting materials issues for fusion and fission nuclear power systems
  10. Irradiation facilities and innovative experimental methods
  11. Functional materials
        11.1 Ceramic insulators
        11.2 Diagnostic materials
        11.3 Magnets
        11.4 Blanket materials
  12. Materials for inertial fusion energy