Last Modified: 06/12/07

ITER Business Forum (IBF)

An international business forum on ITER (IBF, ITER Business Forum) will be held during the 13th ICFRM, organised by the French Ministry of Industry in close collaboration with the CEA, the French Ministry for Research and the 13th ICFRM.

The aims of the IBF are:

  • Establishing contacts between contractors, manufacturers and other actors of the ITER Project, through the organization of business meetings, thematic workshops and an industrial exhibition.

  • Disseminate the latest information on the progress of the project and future calls for tender through a series of conferences by senior ITER management.

  • Present the industrial vision of the technological challenges for ITER, during thematic workshops structured around the main ITER components and systems.

  • Promote exchanges between contractors, manufacturers and fusion scientists for ITER: specific technical issues (plasma wall components, blanket, vacuum vessel, safety…) will be addressed during the industrial conference and the sessions of the ICFRM-13.

IBF will include a common opening session with ICFRM, specific thematic workshops, business meetings and a technology room (50 to 70 stands):


Registration web page for exhibitor and IBF participant is available on the ITER Buisiness Forum website. Access to technology room will be free for ICFRM13 participants. IBF participants will have a priority access to IBF workshops.