Last Modified: 19/12/07

Authors Instructions


Instructions for Paper:           Important note

  • Pre-print record: all papers uploaded in time have been placed on the USB memory stick given to all registered participants at the conference desk in Nice.
  • Journal of Nuclear Materials special issue: Papers eligible for publication will be peer reviewed.
  • As a general rule, the Publication Committee will consider only one publication per leading author and the leading author must be registered at the conference. Papers that need major revisions or arrive after the deadline may be left out. 

    DEADLINE: Publication Committee have extended the deadline for submission of full paper to:

    Passing this date only new version of a previously submitted paper may be uploaded.

    The uploading page remains open. You can replace your paper, or provide an updated version, after reviewing by referees for example, using the same page, reference and password. We keep all versions of your papers.

    MAXIMUM page numbers in the journal EDITED FORMAT are:

    We have received over 550 high quality abstracts, probably the highest in the ICFRM history.  We have limited the number of pages for oral and poster papers to 4 in order to publish a large number of papers within the total journal pages allocated to ICFRM-13.  However, we do understand that for some papers this limit may be too severe. In exceptional cases we would allow 5 pages.

    1. Paper preparation and FILE FORMAT: see instructions
    2. Submission: all papers must be upload electronically. For each paper, the corresponding author receives(d) an e-mail with a password. Do not send your paper by e-mail! Go to the uploading page and follow instructions.


    Instructions for Poster

    Posters should be setup on the morning of the day they are scheduled for presentation. Posters should be removed immediately following the conclusion of the session. Adhesive system will be available to attach the posters to the poster boards.The dimensions of the board available for the poster presentation are 0.97 meter (horizontal) by 2.40 meter (vertical).
    The title and authors should be printed in large characters (greater than 3.5 cm high) at the top of the poster. The remaining text in the poster presentation should be at least 0.7 cm high so that it is easily visible from a distance of ~1 meter. Further instructions are given in the pdf file.

    See complete instructions for poster

    Instructions for Presentation

    A dedicated room (download center) will be available to manage and to transfer presentation files to the dedicated conference room. Please note that access to the computer used for presentation inside the conference room will be possible ONLY by using the download center. Speakers are invited to go to the download center at least half a day before their presentation.

    See complete instructions for plenary and oral session presenters.


    Instructions for Abstract

    Instructions for Abstract (postdeadline only)