Last Modified: 29/11/07

Social Programme



Conference dinner (Thursday, December 13th)

The conference dinner will take place at the wonderful place of “Hippodrome de Cagnes-sur-Mer”. Located at few minutes by bus from the conference center, you will discover the famous racecourse from the restaurant. During the dinner, horse racing will be organized including betting (just for fun !) and other surprises!


Visit of CEA Cadarache center and ITER site (Wednesday, December 12th)

Located in Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance (Bouches-du-Rhône), the CEA research center of Cadarache, created on 14th October 1959, is forty kilometers north of Aix-en-Provence and 2h30min by bus from Nice.

The activities of the CEA research center of Cadarache are shared amongst several technological R&D platforms, essentially devoted to nuclear energy (fission and fusion), but also to new technologies for energy and studies on the effects of radiation on plant life (plant ecophysiology and microbiology). It is one of the largest technological R&D centers for energy in Europe.

The French fusion laboratory is located inside Cadarache Center and operates the largest superconducting tokamak: Tore Supra. The ITER site is just few meters north to Tore Supra area, outside the Cadarache center.


A visit of Cadarache center is proposed to ICFRM13 participants on Wednesday 12/12/2007 afternoon. It will include a view of the most important R&D platforms including fission (RJH reactor site…),  a visit of Tore Supra device and of the ITER site.

IMPORTANT: Due to safety reason and due to the visit capacity of Tore Supra, the visit will be limited to 200 participants

DEADLINE for REGISTRATION: 30th of November, 2007
Passing this date it would be impossible to obtain clearance for none French citizens.


View of the Tore supra device


Other social programmes

Various circuits will be proposed to participants and accompanying persons in Nice or surrounding area.