Poster Session P1    25/10/2004

P1-001 : Masoud MORADSHAHI (topic A)
Hardenning of steels and analyzing nitration layer by plasma nitriding

P1-002 : Suresh C. SHARMA (topic A)
Gain and Efficiency Enhancement in Free Electron Laser by Means of Modulated Electron Beam

P1-003 : Jacques PELLETIER (topic A)
Direct and reactive sputtering assisted by microwave multi-dipolar plasma : performance and advantages

P1-004 : Bong Ju LEE (topic A)
Hyperthermal neutral beam for the material processing

P1-005 : Patricio SILVA (topic A)
Hard X-ray sources from miniature plasma focus devices

P1-006 : César GUTIERREZ-TAPIA (topic A)
A comparative analysis of the EEDF obtained by regularization methods and by a least-squares fitting

P1-007 : Babak SHOKRI (topic A)
Temperature and density gradient effects in surface-wave-sustained plasma columns

P1-008 : Babak SHOKRI (topic A)
Low-Frequency Instability of Linearly and Circularly-Polarized-Microwave-Field Produced Plasmas

P1-009 : Mahammad GHORBANALILU (topic A)
Weibel Instability on Weakly Relativistic Produced Plasma by Circular Polarization Microwave Electric Field

P1-010 : Alexander MOZELEV (topic A)
Compact X-ray Sources for Plasma Diagnostic Methods

P1-011 : Vivek BENIWAL (topic A)
Effect of beam prebunching on slow wave free electron laser in presence of a guide magnetic field

P1-012 : Philip G. RUTBERG (topic A)
Investigation of voltage and current variations in a multiphase AC electric arc system

P1-013 : Lifang DONG (topic A)
Traveling hexagon pattern in dielectric barrier discharge

P1-014 : Mayuko KOGA (topic A)
Production of a large diameter ECR plasma for plasma processing

P1-015 : Norio TSUDA (topic A)
Study on high pressure plasma produced by ArF laser

P1-016 : Joaquim J. BARROSO (topic A)
Beam treansport in a quadrupole electrostatic system

P1-017 : Valeri DOUGAR-JABON (topic A)
Electron cyclotron resonance discharge as a source for hydrogen and deuterium ions production

P1-018 : Lidia LUIZOVA (topic A)
Spatial and time-dependent distribution of plasma parameters in the metal- halide arc lamp

P1-019 : Chia-Ling CHAN (topic A)
Micro-dynamics of sheared dusty plasma liquids in mesoscopic channels

P1-020 : Subroto MUKHERJEE (topic A)
Surface engineering with plasma nitriding and plasma immersion ion implantation

P1-021 : Horacio MARTINEZ (topic A)
Optical and electrical characterisitics of the plasma of a glow discharge in NO2

P1-022 : Baldandorzho TSYDYPOV (topic A)
Distinctions of near-electrodes plasma on high-currents thermoelectrodes

P1-023 : Valeriy CHERNYAK (topic A)
Plasma destruction of persistence organic pollution in water

P1-025 : Steffen JANKUHN (topic A)
Particle-in-cell simulation of broad-beam ion-sources - Magnetic field input

P1-026 : Josef KHUN (topic A)
Ozone generation from two hollow needles to plate electrical discharges enhanced by an airflow

P1-027 : Hong LIU (topic C)
Additional acceleration and collimation of relativistic electron beams by magnetic field resonance at very high intensity laser interaction

P1-030 : Satoru IIZUKA (topic C)
Control of fine particles by oscillating external forces in plasmas

P1-031 : Jovo VRANJES (topic C)
Analysis of ion temperature gradient mode in dusty plasma

P1-032 : Orson SUTHERLAND (topic C)
High beta plasma generated by a low magnetic field helicon discharge

P1-033 : Anuj AGARWAL (topic C)
Attractive forces between large size dust grains in dusty plasmas

P1-034 : Ljupco HADZIEVSKI (topic C)
Moving weakly relativistic electromagnetic solitons in laser-plasmas

P1-035 : Anand Kumar SRIVASTAVA (topic C)
Comparative study of plasma diagnostics in helium atmospheric pressure glow discharge using Langmuir probe and emission spectroscopy

P1-036 : Pierre-Louis SULEM (topic C)
A Landau fluid model for dispersive magnetohydrodynamics

P1-037 : Melis R. BEDILOV (topic C)
Mass spectrometry of multiply element laser plasma

P1-038 : Ricardo ONDARZA-ROVIRA (topic C)
Relativistic particle acceleration by a short-intense elliptically polarized ele magnetic pulse propagating along an externaly applied homogeneous magnetic field

P1-039 : Nils BRENNING (topic C)
The penetration of plasma clouds across magnetic boundaries : the role of high frequency oscillations

P1-040 : Joëlle MARGOT (topic C)
Influence of dissociative recombination on the LTE of argon high-frequency plasmas at atmospheric pressure

P1-041 : Massimiliano ROME (topic C)
Three-dimensional PIC simulation of electron plasmas

P1-042 : Yoshifumi SAITOU (topic C)
Effect of Landau damping on ion-acoustic solitons

P1-043 : Bizhan FAROKHI (topic C)
Particle simulation code for charge variable dusty plasmas

P1-044 : Masaaki INUTAKE (topic C)
Devlopement of supersonic plasma flows by use of a magnetic nozzle and an ICRF heating

P1-045 : Siegbert KUHN (topic C)
Effect of electron absorption at a solid material wall on the collisionless plas presheath with ionisation

P1-047 : Cédric BRAULT (topic C)
Experimental study of the recombination of a drifting low temperature plasma in the divertor simulator Mistral-B

P1-048 : Francesco CALIFANO (topic C)
Impact of dissipative effects on the macroscopic evolution of a Vlasov system

P1-049 : Bengt ELIASSON (topic C)
Theoretical and numerical investigation of the shock formation of dust ion acoustic waves

P1-050 : Jose Leonardo FERREIRA (topic C)
Relativistic inverse-bremsstrahlung in a plasma in the presence of two laser fields

P1-051 : Jose Leonardo FERREIRA (topic C)
Laser-dressed dielectric function in plasmas

P1-052 : Takuma GOHDA (topic C)
Behaviors of positively charged fine particles in a cross field sheath between magnetized double plasmas

P1-053 : L.-N. HAU (topic C)
A systematic study of MHD wave propagation in a Harris-type current sheet

P1-054 : Codrina IONITA (topic C)
Similarities between the generation and dynamics of concentric and non- concentric multiple double layers

P1-055 : Petr JELINEK (topic C)
Investigations of collisional plasma sheath in the vicinity of planar probe

P1-056 : Shin KAJITA (topic C)
Measurement of electron sheath thickness and collection region of electric probe using laser photodetachment signals

P1-057 : Anatoly KHAKHAEV (topic C)
Growth of ordered dusty structures in the glow discharge

P1-058 : Catherine KRAFFT (topic C)
Interaction of suprathermal electron fluxes with lower hybrid waves

P1-059 : Satoshi KUGIMIYA (topic C)
Development of a new type shock tube without a diaphragm for gas-dynamic laser research

P1-060 : Catalin LUPU (topic C)
Electron dynamics at the initial stage of floating-sheath formation

P1-061 : Emilio MARTINES (topic C)
Synchronization of drift waves in a DC magnetron sputtering device

P1-062 : Yuhong XU (topic D)
Observation of self-organized criticality (SOC) behavior during edge biasing experiment on TEXTOR

P1-063 : Maria Vittoria A.P. HELLER (topic D)
TCABR tokamak scrappe-off layer turbulence with DC biasing

P1-064 : Shinichiro TODA (topic D)
transport analysis of radial electric field in helical plasmas

P1-065 : Victor S. UDINTSEV (topic D)
Electron temperature fluctuations and their relation to transport barriers at Tore Supra

P1-066 : Amit Kumar HUI (topic D)
Non-thermal electron generation studies in SINP tokamak during magnetic reconnection from ECR and hard X-ray measurements

P1-067 : Kazuaki HANADA (topic D)
Transport barrier formation by LHCD on TRIAM-1M

P1-068 : Alexander V. SURKOV (topic D)
Threshold of parametric decay instability accompagnying electron Bernstein wave heatinf in spherical tokamaks

P1-069 : Parameshwaran VASU (topic D)
Exploring core-to-edge transport in Aditya tokamak by oscillations observed in the edge radiation

P1-070 : Frantisek ZACEK (topic D)
Positive plasma biaising in front of the lower hybrid grill of CASTOR tokamak

P1-071 : Gianluigi SERIANNI (topic B)
Kink instability and onset of critical regimes in a magneto-plasma-dynamic thruster

P1-072 : Aleksandra MALUCKOV (topic D)
On the effective Liapunov exponent in the tokamak context

P1-073 : Alexander V. MELNIKOV (topic D)
Investigations of the plasma potential oscillation with geodesic acoustic mode frequencies by HIBP

P1-074 : Hiromi TAKAHASHI (topic D)
Comparison of bifurcation phenomena during LH/HL transition observed in biasing experiments in Tohoku University Heliac

P1-075 : Ibere Luiz CALDAS (topic D)
Transport barrier in tokamaks with reversed magnetic shear

P1-076 : Kameo ISHII (topic D)
Radial potential profile of the core plasma and confinement of the bounced ions by electrostatic and magnetic hills in the tandem mirror

P1-077 : Paolo ANGELINO (topic D)
Zonal flow effects on tokamak microinstabilities

P1-078 : Hiroyuki HOSHIKA (topic D)
Ion acceleration during internal magnetic reconnection events in TST-2

P1-079 : Akiyosi ITAKURA (topic D)
Density fluctuations in the tendem mirror Gamma 10

P1-080 : Masaki TAKEUCHI (topic D)
Electrostatic fluctuations measured in a helical plasma with low collisionality

P1-081 : Pablo MARTIN (topic D)
Marginal confinement in tokamaks by inductive electric field

P1-082 : Hideki ZUSHI (topic D)
Very low frequency oscillations of heat load and recycling flux in steady-state tokamak discharge in TRIAM-1M

P1-083 : Martin HRON (topic D)
Relaxation of potential, flows, and density in the edge plasma of CASTOR tokamak

P1-084 : Pejman KHORSHID (topic D)
Poloidal rotation velocity, viscosity and limiter biasing in the tokamak plasma

P1-085 : Marisa ROBERTO (topic D)
Escape patterns due to ergodic magnetic limiters in tokamaks with reversed magnetic shear

P1-086 : Thawatchai ONJUN (topic D)
MHD-calibrated ELM model in simulations of ITER

P1-087 : Takashi KANKI (topic D)
Numerical study of two-fluid flowing equilibria of helicity-driven spherical torus plasmas

P1-088 : David TERRANOVA (topic D)
Reconstruction of the magnetic perturbation in a toroidal force-free circular plasma : application to the reversed field pinch

P1-089 : Daniele BONFIGLIO (topic D)
Charge separation as the basis of the reversed field pinch dynamo

P1-090 : Christer WAHLBERG (topic D)
Stability analysis of the ideal internal kink mode in a toroidally rotating toka plasma with ultra flat q profile

P1-091 : Gianluca SPIZZO (topic D)
Soft X-ray imaging of MHD processes in the EXTRAP T2R reversed-field-pinch

P1-092 : Krzysztof BOSAK (topic D)
New application for equinox code for real-time plasma equilibrium and profile reconstruction for tokamaks

P1-093 : Monica SPOLAORE (topic D)
Diffusivity induced by vortex-like coherent structures in reversed field pinch plasmas

P1-094 : Fatemeh HAJAKBARI (topic D)
Study on MHD activity in tokamaks

P1-095 : Alireza HOJABRI (topic D)
MHD precursor to disruption in Iran tokamak 1

P1-096 : Rikizo HATAKEYAMA (topic A)
The inner nano-space control of carbon nanotubes using collisionless different-polarity ion plasmas

P1-097 : Hans J.P. GOEDBLOED (topic B)
Transonic instabilities in accretion disks

P1-098 : Udayashankar PANIVENI (topic B)
Relationship between Horizontal Flow Velocity and Cell Lifetime for Supergranulation

P1-099 : G. POULIPOULIS (topic C)
Multitoroidal configurations as equilibrium flow eigenstates

P1-100 : Christine CHARLES (topic C)
Time developement of a current-free double-layer

P1-101 : Dominique Franck ESCANDE (topic C)
Rigorous and constructive approach to the nonlinear tearing mode

P1-102 : Maxim PONOMARJOV (topic D)
Enhanced acceleration of charged particles by crossing electromagnetic waves in a magnetized plasma, resonant moments method

P1-103 : Milan TICHY (topic C)
Low pressure and atmospheric pressure plasma-jet systems and their application for deposition of thin films

P1-104 : Ioannis KOURAKIS (topic C)
Intrinsic localized modes in dust lattices

Printed in France - Credit CEA - 23/11/2004 - T. Hutter