Topic List

A : Plasma Applications

B : Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

C : Fundamental Plasma Physics

D : Fusion Plasmas

16:00 - 20:00 Registration and Welcome Drink (Acropolis Conference Center)


08:30 Opening Session (room Athena)

09:00 Pellat memorial lecture by Guy Laval (room Athena)

08:00 Registration (room Agora 1)

Plenary Session 1 (room Athena), chairperson Michel CHATELIER

09:45 Mark J. KUSHNER (topic A, oral plenary)
Applications of Low Temperature Plasmas: Status, Scientific Issues and Opportunities

10:30 Coffee Break

Review Session A1 (room Athena), chairperson Guido VAN OOST

11:00 Peter AWAKOWICZ (topic A, oral review)
Characterisation of stationary and pulsed ICP plasmas for technical applications

11:30 Satoshi HAMAGUCHI (topic A, oral review)
Nano-scale surface chemical reactions during plasma-wall interactions

Review Session C1 (room Hermès), chairperson Manfred A. HELLBERG

11:00 A. A. MAMUN (topic C, oral review)
Nonlinear waves and structures in dusty plasmas

11:30 George J. MORALES (topic C, oral review)
Laboratory realization of an Alfvén wave maser

12:00 Lunch Break

14:30-18:30 Poster Session 1 (room Muses) list here

Oral Session A1 (room Clio), chairperson Cécile ARNAS

14:30 Rikizo HATAKEYAMA (topic A, Oral)
The inner nano-space control of carbon nanotubes using collisionless different-polarity ion plasmas

15:10 Jun YAMADA (topic A, Oral)
Developement behavior of liquid plasma produced by YAG laser

15:30 Bong Ju LEE (topic A, Oral)
Hyperthermal neutral beam for the material processing

15:50 Amaell CAILLARD (topic A, Oral)
Efficiency improvement of fuel cell electrodes by the formation of platinum nano-clusters in porous carbon using high density plasma sputter mechanisms

16:10 Branislav RADENOVIC (topic A, Oral)
3D etching profile evolution simulation using sparse field level set method

Oral Session B1 (room Erato), chairperson Yoshiharu NAKAMURA

14:30 Tatiana BURINSKAYA (topic B, Oral)
Propagation of the Auroral kilometric radiation in plasma cavities

14:50 David C. SPEIRS (topic B, Oral)
Cyclotron maser radiation from magnetized plasmas

15:10 Gianluigi SERIANNI (topic B, Oral)
Kink instability and onset of critical regimes in a magneto-plasma-dynamic thruster

15:30 Udayashankar PANIVENI (topic B, Oral)
Relationship between Horizontal Flow Velocity and Cell Lifetime for Supergranulation

15:50 Hans J.P. GOEDBLOED (topic B, Oral)
Transonic instabilities in accretion disks

Oral Session C1 (room Thalie), chairperson J. Julio E. HERRERA VELAZQUEZ

14:30 Dominique Franck ESCANDE (topic C, Oral)
Rigorous and constructive approach to the nonlinear tearing mode

14:50 Christine CHARLES (topic C, Oral)
Time developement of a current-free double-layer

15:10 Peter J. CATTO (topic C, Oral)
Drift ordered short mean free path closure

15:30 G. POULIPOULIS (topic C, Oral)
Multitoroidal configurations as equilibrium flow eigenstates

Oral Session D1 (room Hermès), chairperson Roberto POZZOLI

14:30 Lionello MARRELLI (topic D, Oral)
The helical dynamo in the reversed field pinch

14:50 Evgeniy Z. GUSAKOV (topic D, Oral)
Enhanced doppler effect in the upper hybrid resonance

15:10 Maxim PONOMARJOV (topic D, Oral)
Enhanced acceleration of charged particles by crossing electromagnetic waves in a magnetized plasma, resonant moments method

15:30 Alexander V. MELNIKOV (topic D, Oral)
Investigations of the plasma potential oscillation with geodesic acoustic mode frequencies by HIBP

15:50 Hiromi TAKAHASHI (topic D, Oral)
Comparison of bifurcation phenomena during LH/HL transition observed in biasing experiments in Tohoku University Heliac

16:10 Victor S. UDINTSEV (topic D, Oral)
Non-linear temperature oscillations in the plasma centre on Tore Supra and their interplay with MHD

16:30 Coffee Break

19:00 Welcome Reception offered by the city of Nice (room Agora 3)


Plenary Session 2 (room Athena), chairperson Abhijit SEN

08:30 Adrianus C.C. SIPS (topic D, oral plenary)
Advanced scenarios for ITER operation

09:15 Yasuhito KIWAMOTO (topic C, oral plenary)
Controlled experiments on self-organization of ordered structures in a pure electron plasma

10:00 Coffee Break

Review Session C2 (room Athena), chairperson Volker NAULIN

10:30 Diego DEL-CASTILLO-NEGRETE (topic C, oral review)
Coherent structures and self-consistent chaos in the resonant wave-particule interaction

11:00 Vladimir FORTOV (topic C, oral review)
Shock compression of non ideal plasmas at megabars

11:30 Daniela FARINA (topic C, oral review)
Dynamics of relativistic solitons

Review Session D1 (room Hermès), chairperson Kohnosuke SATO

10:30 Shin KUBO (topic D, oral review)
Extension and its characteristics of ECRH plasma in the LHD

11:00 Leopoldo SOTO (topic D, oral review)
New trends and future perspectives on plasma focus research

11:30 Sergei V. LEBEDEV (topic D, oral review)
The physics of wire array Z-pinch implosions

12:00 Lunch Break

14:30-18:30 Poster Session 2 (room Muses) list here

Oral Session C2 (room Hermès), chairperson Sadruddin BENKADDA

14:30 Ulrich STROTH (topic C, Oral)
Drift-wave turbulence in dimensionally similar laboratory plasmas

14:50 Walter GEKELMAN (topic C, Oral)
Generation of Alphén Waves by High Power Microwaves

15:10 Franko GREINER (topic C, Oral)
Three dimensional turbulent structures in the TJ-K torsatron

15:30 V. V. BELYI (topic C, Oral)
Kinetic fluctuations in the inhomogeneous plasma

15:50 Matthew John HOLE (topic C, Oral)
Statisitics of polarization and stokes parameters of stochastic waves

16:10 Francesco CALIFANO (topic C, Oral)
Secondary instabilities and vortex formation in collisionless-fluid magnetic reconnection

Oral Session C3 (room Erato), chairperson Anatoly ZAGORODNY

14:30 Frédéric BROCHARD (topic C, Oral)
Characterization of low frequency instabilities and study of their transition in a magnetized palasma column

14:50 Abhijit SEN (topic C, Oral)
Nonlinear saturation of magnetic curvature driven Rayleigh Taylor instability in three dimensions

15:10 Atushi OKAMOTO (topic C, Oral)
Anti-ExB flow field associated with a vortex formation in a partially ionized plasma

15:30 Raoul M.G.M. TRINES (topic C, Oral)
A quasi-particle approach to modulational instabilities driven by broadband turbulence in plasmas

15:50 Victor I. ILGISONIS (topic C, Oral)
Subdiffusion in hydrodynamic vortex chain

16:10 Stephen VINCENA (topic C, Oral)
Plasma flow and instabilities associated with a thin current sheet

Oral Session D2 (room Clio), chairperson Vladimir FORTOV

14:30 Andrea MURARI (topic D, Oral)
Developement of real time diagnostics and Control Algorithms for JET in view of the next step

14:50 Sergei Ivanovich LASHKUL (topic D, Oral)
Poloidal inhomogeneity of the particle fluctuation induced fluxes near of the LCFS at lower hybrid heating and improved confinement transition at the FT-2 tok

15:10 Jan STOCKEL (topic D, Oral)
Formation of convective cells in the scrape-off layerof the CASTOR tokamak

15:30 Frédéric CLAIRET (topic D, Oral)
Plasma turbulence measured by fast sweep reflectometry on Tore Supra

15:50 Artur G. ELFIMOV (topic D, Oral)
Identification of local Alfvén wave resonances with reflectometry as a diagnostic tool in tokamaks

Oral Session D3 (room Thalie), chairperson Robert DEWAR

14:30 Elina ASP (topic D, Oral)
Te/Ti effects on JET energy confinement properties

14:50 Alexander KENDL (topic D, Oral)
Flux surface shaping effects on tokamak edge turbulence and flows

15:10 Michael G. SHATS (topic D, Oral)
The role of zonal flows in low and high confinement modes in toroidal plasma

15:30 Yizhi WEN (topic D, Oral)
Measurements of magnetic fluctuations and magnetic reynolds stress in the KT-5C tokamak

15:50 Jens Juul RASMUSSEN (topic D, Oral)
Intermittent plasma transport in the presence of differential rotation

16:10 Hideo SUGAMA (topic D, Oral)
Phase-space structure in plasma turbulence

16:30 Coffee Break


Plenary Session 3 (room Athena), chairperson Michael TENDLER

08:30 Syun AKASOFU (topic B, oral plenary)
Long-standing unsolved problems in solar physics and magnetospheric physics : some sugestions

09:15 Gennadii A. MESYATS (topic C, oral plenary)
Ectons in electrical discharge plasmas

10:00 Coffee Break

Review Session A2 (room Athena), chairperson Clément LAVIRON

10:30 Jacques PELLETIER (topic A, oral review)
Plasma-based ion implantation : a valuable technology for the elaboration of innovative materials and nano-structured thin films

11:00 Kunihide TACHIBANA (topic A, oral review)
Generation and Control of Microplasmas based on three-dimensional Diagnostics

11:30 Yi-Kang PU (topic A, oral review)
Experimental and Numerical Studies of Tuning Effect of Inert Gas Mixing on Electron Energy Distribution Function in inductively Coupled Plasma Discharges

12:00 Patric MUGGLI (topic A, oral review)
Plasma wakefield acceleration of ultra-relativistic electrons in field-ionized plasmas

Review Session B1 (room Hermès), chairperson Padma Kant SHUKLA

10:30 Iver H. CAIRNS (topic B, oral review)
Theory and applications of radio emission driven by shocks

11:00 Ilija STEFANOVIC (topic B, oral review)
Nanoparticles designed from low pressure plasma as model for astrophysical dust clouds

11:30 Bruce REMINGTON (topic B, oral review)
On high energy density laboratory astrophysics

12:00 Reinhard SCHLICKEISER (topic B, oral review)
On the origin of cosmological magnetic fields by plasma instabilities

12:30 Lunch Break

13:00 Departure to Cadarache Visit


Plenary Session 4 (room Athena), chairperson George J. MORALES

08:30 Pascale HENNEQUIN (topic D, oral plenary)
Scaling laws of density fluctuations in tokamak plasmas

09:15 Michael TENDLER (topic A, oral plenary)
Plasma based total treatment of waste and low grade energy sources

10:00 Coffee Break

Review Session C3 (room Hermès), chairperson Siegbert KUHN

10:30 John P. VERBONCOEUR (topic C, oral review)
Particle simulation in plasma

11:00 Fabrice DOVEIL (topic C, oral review)
Wave particle interaction investigated in a traveling wave tube

11:30 Lin I (topic C, oral review)
Dusty plasma liquids

Review Session D2 (room Athena), chairperson Jae Koo LEE

10:30 Thomas D. ROGNLIEN (topic D, oral review)
Understanding of edge plasmas in magnetic fusion energy devices

11:00 Raghvendra SINGH (topic D, oral review)
A model for radiative improved (RI) mode in tokamaks

11:30 Yves PEYSSON (topic D, oral review)
Advanced 3-D electron kinetic calculations for the current drive problem in magnetically confined thermonuclear plasmas

12:00 Lunch Break

14:30-18:30 Poster Session 3 (room Muses) list here

Oral Session A2 (room Clio), chairperson Philip G. RUTBERG

14:30 Homero S. MACIEL (topic A, Oral)
Studies of a hollow cathode discharge using mass spectrometry and electrostatic probe techniques

14:50 Marija RADMILOVIC-RADJENOVIC (topic A, Oral)
Particle-in-cell simulations of rf breakdown

15:10 J. Julio E. HERRERA VELAZQUEZ (topic A, Oral)
Review of results from the FN-II dense plasma focus machine

15:30 Jose Leonardo FERREIRA (topic A, Oral)
Plasma Diagnostic and Performance of a permanent magnet hall thruster

15:50 Thomas MUSSENBROCK (topic A, Oral)
New simulations about self-excited electron resonance spectroscopy in high density plasmas

Oral Session B2 (room Erato), chairperson Chanchal UBEROI

14:30 Robert BINGHAM (topic B, Oral)
Lower-hybrid wave activity at the magnetopause

14:50 Albert MEIGE (topic B, Oral)
One-dimensional PIC simulation of a current-free double-layer in an expanding plasma

15:10 Shahzad MAHMOOD (topic B, Oral)
Arbitrary amplitude inertial Alfvén waves in homogeneous magnetized electron-positron-ion plasmas

15:30 Andrei M. SADOVSKI (topic B, Oral)
The effects of induced scattering of Alfvén waves for the solar wind acceleratio

15:50 Kristof STASIEWICZ (topic B, Oral)
Dispersive and nonlinear Alfvén waves in terrestrial environment

Oral Session C4 (room Thalie), chairperson Alexander G. LITVAK

14:30 Aleksei V. CHECHKIN (topic C, Oral)
Fractional kinetic equations for "Lévy turbulence" in plasmas

15:10 Ashild FREDRIKSEN (topic C, Oral)
Studies of effects of edge and interior DC biasing on plasma rotation and transport in a toroidal geometry

15:30 Mattias MARKLUND (topic C, Oral)
A new electromagnetic wave in a pair plasma

15:50 Andrea ILLIBERI (topic C, Oral)
Coherent structures in an electron beam

16:10 T.J.M. BOYD (topic C, Oral)
Modulation of harmonic emission spectra from intense laser-plasma interaction

Oral Session D4 (room Hermès), chairperson Dominique Franck ESCANDE

14:30 Alexander S. KINGSEP (topic D, Oral)
Study of Pulsed Plasmas at the Kurchatov Institute

14:50 Hitoshi SAKAGAMI (topic D, Oral)
Integrated fast ignition simulation of cone-guided target with three codes

15:10 Malcolm G. HAINES (topic D, Oral)
Ion viscous heating to hyndred of KeV due to MHD instabilities in a Z-pinch

15:30 Franco ALLADIO (topic D, Oral)
Ideal MHD stability calculations in presence of magnetic separatrices

15:50 Patrick MAGET (topic D, Oral)
MHD stability of fully non inductive discharges in Tore Supra

16:10 Tommaso BOLZONELLA (topic D, Oral)
Active modification of MHD instabilities in T2R

16:30 Coffee Break

20:00 Conference Diner (Palais de la Méditerranée, Nice)


Plenary Session 5 (room Athena), chairperson Paulo H. SAKANAKA

08:30 Tom KILLIAN (topic C, oral plenary)
Ultracold neutral plasmas

09:15 Rod BOSWELL (topic B, oral plenary)
Current-free double-layers in the laboratory and their applications to space plasmas

10:00 Coffee Break

Review Session A3 (room Hermès), chairperson Joëlle MARGOT

10:30 Jeffrey HANGST (topic A, oral review)
Production of Cold Antihydrogen

11:00 Hyun Chul KIM (topic A, oral review)
Analytic and simulation works on dual-frequency capacitive plasmas

11:30 Jean-Claude KIEFFER (topic A, oral review)
Medical Application of Short Pulse Laser

12:00 Konstantin P. SHAMRAI (topic A, oral review)
Wave stimulated phenomena in inductively coupled magnetized plasmas

Review Session DC (room Athena), chairperson Malcolm G. HAINES

10:30 Clarisse BOURDELLE (topic D, oral review)
Turbulent particle transport in magnetized fusion plasma

11:00 David TSKHAKAYA (topic D, oral review)
Kinetic (PIC) simulations of the magnetised plasma-wall transition

11:30 Sergeï I. KRASHENINNIKOV (topic D, oral review)
Dynamics and Transport of Dust Particle in Tokamak Edge Plasmas

12:00 David GRAVES (topic C, oral review)
Molecular dynamics simulations of spontaneous and ion-assisted etching of silicon

12:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Education & the transmission of knowledge in Plasma Physic (room Athena), chairperson Irina KUMKOVA

16:30 End of the Congress

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