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3D etching profile evolution simulation using sparse field level set method presented by Branislav RADENOVIC (abs. #053)

A comparative analysis of the EEDF obtained by regularization methods and by a least-squares fitting presented by César GUTIERREZ-TAPIA (abs. #256)

Analytic and simulation works on dual-frequency capacitive plasmas presented by Hyun Chul KIM (abs. #383)

Applications of Low Temperature Plasmas: Status, Scientific Issues and Opportunities presented by Mark J. KUSHNER (abs. #386)

Axial and radial measurements of the neutron emission from miniature plasma focus devices presented by Patricio SILVA (abs. #310)

Beam treansport in a quadrupole electrostatic system presented by Joaquim J. BARROSO (abs. #057)

Carbon dust produced in laboratory plasmas and in Tore Supra : comparison presented by Cécile ARNAS (abs. #241)

Characterisation of stationary and pulsed ICP plasmas for technical applications presented by Peter AWAKOWICZ (abs. #367)

Characteristics of the ion probe in combustion flame presented by Isao TSUKABAYASHI (abs. #331)

Characteristics of the plasma jet by applying a pseudo-spark discharge presented by Masayuki WATANABE (abs. #334)

Compact X-ray Sources for Plasma Diagnostic Methods presented by Alexander MOZELEV (abs. #009)

Comparative diagnostics of Ar and He surfatron generated plasma by means of optical emission spectroscopy and probe measurments presented by Milan TICHY (abs. #365)

Detection of particle coagulation in argon-acetylene plasma with the help of H-alpha emission spectroscopy presented by Ilija STEFANOVIC (abs. #318)

Developement behavior of liquid plasma produced by YAG laser presented by Jun YAMADA (abs. #042)

Developement of compact gas treatment system using secondary emission electron gun presented by Masato WATANABE (abs. #182)

Direct and reactive sputtering assisted by microwave multi-dipolar plasma : performance and advantages presented by Jacques PELLETIER (abs. #343)

Distinctions of near-electrodes plasma on high-currents thermoelectrodes presented by Baldandorzho TSYDYPOV (abs. #108)

Effect of beam prebunching on slow wave free electron laser in presence of a guide magnetic field presented by Vivek BENIWAL (abs. #012)

Efficiency improvement of fuel cell electrodes by the formation of platinum nano-clusters in porous carbon using high density plasma sputter mechanisms presented by Amaell CAILLARD (abs. #024)

Efficient sustaining of a DC atmospheric pressure glow discharge by use an auxiliary gas flow in pin-plate electrodes presented by Masaaki INUTAKE (abs. #266)

Electron cyclotron resonance discharge as a source for hydrogen and deuterium ions production presented by Valeri DOUGAR-JABON (abs. #058)

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Tuning Effect of Inert Gas Mixing on Electron Energy Distribution Function in inductively Coupled Plasma Discharges presented by Yi-Kang PU (abs. #393)

Experimental study of dust charge distribution using Faraday cup assembly presented by SIDDHARTHA SANKAR KAUSIK (abs. #408)

Formation mechanism of the atmospheric ball lightning using the double Beltrami equation presented by Ana Marcia TAVEIRA (abs. #326)

Gain and Efficiency Enhancement in Free Electron Laser by Means of Modulated Electron Beam presented by Suresh C. SHARMA (abs. #002)

Gas temperature effect on the time for onset of particle nucleation in argon diluted acetylene plasma presented by Ilija STEFANOVIC (abs. #319)

Generation and Control of Microplasmas based on three-dimensional Diagnostics presented by Kunihide TACHIBANA (abs. #401)

Hard X-ray sources from miniature plasma focus devices presented by Patricio SILVA (abs. #302)

Hardenning of steels and analyzing nitration layer by plasma nitriding presented by Masoud MORADSHAHI (abs. #016)

Hyperthermal neutral beam for the material processing presented by Bong Ju LEE (abs. #223)

Influence of magnetic field on the output pulse duration of a copper vapor laser presented by Ghomi Marzdashty HAMID REZA (abs. #195)

Influence of nitrogen impurities on an electron-excited helium atoms concentra- tion in the self-sustained normal dc glow discharge at atmospheric pressure presented by Leanid V. SIMONCHIK (abs. #173)

Investigation of electric conditions in the vicinity of carbon nanotubes grown in a DC plasma sheath presented by Josef BLAZEK (abs. #243)

Investigation of voltage and current variations in a multiphase AC electric arc system presented by Philip G. RUTBERG (abs. #020)

Low-Frequency Instability of Linearly and Circularly-Polarized-Microwave-Field Produced Plasmas presented by Babak SHOKRI (abs. #005)

Medical Application of Short Pulse Laser presented by Jean-Claude KIEFFER (abs. #381)

Micro-dynamics of sheared dusty plasma liquids in mesoscopic channels presented by Chia-Ling CHAN (abs. #070)

Modelling of a chlorine high-density plasma submitted to a static magnetic field presented by Joëlle MARGOT (abs. #162)

Multi-plasma gas inductively coupled plasma source for industrial applications presented by Akitoshi OKINO (abs. #299)

Nano-scale surface chemical reactions during plasma-wall interactions presented by Satoshi HAMAGUCHI (abs. #376)

New simulations about self-excited electron resonance spectroscopy in high density plasmas presented by Thomas MUSSENBROCK (abs. #227)

Numerical analysis of flow characteristics of an atmospheric plasma torch presented by Youn-Jea KIM (abs. #278)

Optical and electrical characterisitics of the plasma of a glow discharge in NO2 presented by Horacio MARTINEZ (abs. #095)

Ozone generation from two hollow needles to plate electrical discharges enhanced by an airflow presented by Josef KHUN (abs. #156)

Particle-in-cell simulation of broad-beam ion-sources - Magnetic field input presented by Steffen JANKUHN (abs. #155)

Particle-in-cell simulations of high energy electron production by intense laser pulses in underdense plasmas presented by Susumu KATO (abs. #273)

Particle-in-cell simulations of rf breakdown presented by Marija RADMILOVIC-RADJENOVIC (abs. #054)

Plasma based total treatment of waste and low grade energy sources presented by Michael TENDLER (abs. #402)

Plasma destruction of persistence organic pollution in water presented by Valeriy CHERNYAK (abs. #151)

Plasma Diagnostic and Performance of a permanent magnet hall thruster presented by Jose Leonardo FERREIRA (abs. #251)

Plasma wakefield acceleration of ultra-relativistic electrons in field-ionized plasmas presented by Patric MUGGLI (abs. #391)

Plasma-based ion implantation : a valuable technology for the elaboration of innovative materials and nano-structured thin films presented by Jacques PELLETIER (abs. #392)

Production of a large diameter ECR plasma for plasma processing presented by Mayuko KOGA (abs. #037)

Production of Cold Antihydrogen presented by Jeffrey HANGST (abs. #378)

Remediation of gaseous pullutants using non-thermal plasma presented by Niraj B. TRIVEDI (abs. #179)

Review of results from the FN-II dense plasma focus machine presented by J. Julio E. HERRERA VELAZQUEZ (abs. #247)

Selective production of metallic carbon nanotubes presented by Yasushi MATSUNAGA (abs. #294)

Spatial and time-dependent distribution of plasma parameters in the metal- halide arc lamp presented by Lidia LUIZOVA (abs. #068)

Studies of a hollow cathode discharge using mass spectrometry and electrostatic probe techniques presented by Homero S. MACIEL (abs. #224)

Study on high pressure plasma produced by ArF laser presented by Norio TSUDA (abs. #041)

Surface engineering with plasma nitriding and plasma immersion ion implantation presented by Subroto MUKHERJEE (abs. #078)

Surface modification of activated porous carbon by oxygen plasma treatment presented by Homero S. MACIEL (abs. #292)

Temperature and density gradient effects in surface-wave-sustained plasma columns presented by Babak SHOKRI (abs. #039)

Temporal correlation of defect excitation in dusty plasma system presented by Yu-Hsuan HUANG (abs. #262)

The inner nano-space control of carbon nanotubes using collisionless different-polarity ion plasmas presented by Rikizo HATAKEYAMA (abs. #130)

The magnetized dusty plasma discharge : negative and positive space charge modes presented by Neil F. CRAMER (abs. #340)

The optimum arc velocity for minimum cold electrode erosion presented by Alexei M. ESSIPTCHOUK (abs. #190)

Traveling hexagon pattern in dielectric barrier discharge presented by Lifang DONG (abs. #028)

Wave stimulated phenomena in inductively coupled magnetized plasmas presented by Konstantin P. SHAMRAI (abs. #396)

Weibel Instability on Weakly Relativistic Produced Plasma by Circular Polarization Microwave Electric Field presented by Mahammad GHORBANALILU (abs. #006)

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