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A Landau fluid model for dispersive magnetohydrodynamics presented by Pierre-Louis SULEM (abs. #143)

A new electromagnetic wave in a pair plasma presented by Mattias MARKLUND (abs. #225)

A new experimental technique for investigation of plasma generated with plasmotrons in electrophysical installations presented by Yuri ZHELEZNOV (abs. #417)

A novel method of computer based interferogram evaluation presented by Jiri OLEJNICEK (abs. #164)

A quasi-particle approach to modulational instabilities driven by broadband turbulence in plasmas presented by Raoul M.G.M. TRINES (abs. #237)

A study of magnetically-supported dc discharge in cylindrical and inverted cyclindrical configuration presented by Milan TICHY (abs. #356)

A systematic study of MHD wave propagation in a Harris-type current sheet presented by L.-N. HAU (abs. #258)

Additional acceleration and collimation of relativistic electron beams by magnetic field resonance at very high intensity laser interaction presented by Hong LIU (abs. #093)

Analysis of ion temperature gradient mode in dusty plasma presented by Jovo VRANJES (abs. #063)

Analysis of the drift instability growth rates in non-ideal inhomogeneous dusty plasmas presented by Julio PUERTA (abs. #099)

Anti-ExB flow field associated with a vortex formation in a partially ionized plasma presented by Atushi OKAMOTO (abs. #298)

Asymptotic kinetic theory of magnetized plasmas : quasi-particle concept presented by Petro P. SOSENKO (abs. #314)

Attractive forces between large size dust grains in dusty plasmas presented by Anuj AGARWAL (abs. #113)

Basic vs. turbulent mechanisms for transport and confinement in the TORPEX device presented by Stefan MULLER (abs. #296)

Behaviors of positively charged fine particles in a cross field sheath between magnetized double plasmas presented by Takuma GOHDA (abs. #255)

Chaotic particle dynamics in free-electron lasers with coaxial wiggler presented by Bizhan FAROKHI (abs. #193)

Characterisitics of the hall current surrounding a magnetized filamentary plasma presented by Akira TONEGAWA (abs. #328)

Characterization of low frequency instabilities and study of their transition in a magnetized palasma column presented by Frédéric BROCHARD (abs. #123)

Coherent structures and self-consistent chaos in the resonant wave-particule interaction presented by Diego DEL-CASTILLO-NEGRETE (abs. #371)

Coherent structures in an electron beam presented by Andrea ILLIBERI (abs. #197)

Colisionless magnetic reconnection in the lower-hybrid frequency range presented by Dusan JOVANOVIC (abs. #270)

Comparative study of plasma diagnostics in helium atmospheric pressure glow discharge using Langmuir probe and emission spectroscopy presented by Anand Kumar SRIVASTAVA (abs. #139)

Conditions for plasmoid penetration across magnetic barriers presented by Nils BRENNING (abs. #149)

Control of chaos in parametric decay instability presented by Boris O YAKOVLEV (abs. #208)

Control of fine particles by oscillating external forces in plasmas presented by Satoru IIZUKA (abs. #091)

Control of fluctuations in ECR plasma by applying multipole magnetic fields presented by Tsuchiya HAYATO (abs. #062)

Control of the chaotic state caused by the curent-driven ion acoustic instability and dynamical behavior using delayed feedback presented by Takao FUKUYAMA (abs. #089)

Control of transport in a Hamiltonian model of the SOL presented by Guido CIRAOLO (abs. #017)

Controlled experiments on self-organization of ordered structures in a pure electron plasma presented by Yasuhito KIWAMOTO (abs. #384)

Cross focussing of counter propagating laser beams and beat wave excitation of a plasma wave presented by Naveen K. JAIMAN (abs. #219)

Current-Driven Dust Ion-Cyclotron Waves in Presence of a Transverse DC Electric Fields in Magnetized Plasma with Charge Fluctuations presented by Suresh C. SHARMA (abs. #003)

Debye length of plasmas generalized to degenerate metal electrons and to Fermi energy in nuclai with change to quark-gluon plasma presented by Heinrich HORA (abs. #051)

Development of a new type shock tube without a diaphragm for gas-dynamic laser research presented by Satoshi KUGIMIYA (abs. #286)

Devlopement of supersonic plasma flows by use of a magnetic nozzle and an ICRF heating presented by Masaaki INUTAKE (abs. #217)

Discharge asymmetry induced by the pulsed radio-frequency current presented by Hyun Chul KIM (abs. #060)

Discussion of the Bohm criterion for a collisional plasma with fast electrons presented by Steluta TEODORU (abs. #327)

Drift ordered short mean free path closure presented by Peter J. CATTO (abs. #125)

Drift-wave turbulence in dimensionally similar laboratory plasmas presented by Ulrich STROTH (abs. #141)

Dusty plasma liquids presented by Lin I (abs. #380)

Dynamical behavior of 2D viscous-vortices and formation of vortex crystals presented by Masayoshi Y. TANAKA (abs. #324)

Dynamics of relativistic solitons presented by Daniela FARINA (abs. #373)

Dynamics of self-trapped wave beams in plasmas with highly-nonlocal nonlinearity presented by Alexander I. YAKIMENKO (abs. #239)

Ectons in electrical discharge plasmas presented by Gennadii A. MESYATS (abs. #389)

Effect of electron absorption at a solid material wall on the collisionless plas presheath with ionisation presented by Siegbert KUHN (abs. #221)

Effect of Landau damping on ion-acoustic solitons presented by Yoshifumi SAITOU (abs. #169)

Effect of near electrode processes on discharge in powerful pulse generators of dense plasma presented by Irina KUMKOVA (abs. #046)

Electromagnetic radiation from double layers presented by Nils BRENNING (abs. #150)

Electron dynamics at the initial stage of floating-sheath formation presented by Catalin LUPU (abs. #288)

Electron Landau damping in a laboratory dipole magnetic field plasma presented by Nikolay I. GRISHANOV (abs. #014)

Electrostatic ion-cyclotron instabilities modified by the parallel and perpendicular plasma flow velocity shears presented by Toshiro KANEKO (abs. #074)

Excitation of whistler waves by an arbitrarily oriented loop antenna located in an enhanced-density channel in a magnetoplasma presented by Alexander KUDRIN (abs. #067)

Existence and stability of relativistic solitary waves in warm plasmas presented by J. Julio E. HERRERA VELAZQUEZ (abs. #259)

Experimental study of the recombination of a drifting low temperature plasma in the divertor simulator Mistral-B presented by Cédric BRAULT (abs. #246)

Features of Nanosecond Laser-induced Optical Breakdown at Eir-water Interface presented by Ivan G. NAGORNIY (abs. #010)

Finite Larmor Radius Effects and Quantum Chaos presented by Robert DEWAR (abs. #407)

Fluctuation-phase relation between positive and negative ions on pair-plasma electristatic waves presented by Wataru OOHARA (abs. #165)

Fractional kinetic equations for "Lévy turbulence" in plasmas presented by Aleksei V. CHECHKIN (abs. #071)

Generation and saturation of large scale flows in flute turbulence presented by Ingmar SANDBERG (abs. #419)

Generation of Alphén Waves by High Power Microwaves presented by Walter GEKELMAN (abs. #412)

Generation of short pulse radiation from magnetized wake in gas jet Plasma laser interaction presented by Davoud DORRANIAN (abs. #087)

Global low-frequency modes in weakly ionized magnetized plasmas : effects of equilibrium plasma rotation presented by Petro P. SOSENKO (abs. #313)

Growth of ordered dusty structures in the glow discharge presented by Anatoly KHAKHAEV (abs. #276)

High beta plasma generated by a low magnetic field helicon discharge presented by Orson SUTHERLAND (abs. #104)

Immersed RF antennas in low pressure, high density plasma sources presented by Ane AANESLAND (abs. #069)

Impact of dissipative effects on the macroscopic evolution of a Vlasov system presented by Francesco CALIFANO (abs. #026)

Impurity transport in plasma edge turbulence presented by Volker NAULIN (abs. #135)

Influence of boundary condition on ion energy distribution function presented by Masaaki MATSUKUMA (abs. #019)

Influence of dissociative recombination on the LTE of argon high-frequency plasmas at atmospheric pressure presented by Joëlle MARGOT (abs. #163)

Inhomogeneous Energy - Density Driven Instability in Presence of a Transverse DC Electric Fields in a Magnetized Plasma Cylinder presented by Suresh C. SHARMA (abs. #004)

Interaction of suprathermal electron fluxes with lower hybrid waves presented by Catherine KRAFFT (abs. #285)

Intrinsic localized modes in dust lattices presented by Ioannis KOURAKIS (abs. #281)

Investigations of collisional plasma sheath in the vicinity of planar probe presented by Petr JELINEK (abs. #269)

Ion resonance instability in the Eltrap electron plasma presented by Gionvanni BETTEGA (abs. #242)

Kinetic effects in strong Langmuir turbulence presented by Kazuhiro AKIMOTO (abs. #056)

Kinetic fluctuations in the inhomogeneous plasma presented by V. V. BELYI (abs. #011)

Laboratory realization of an Alfvén wave maser presented by George J. MORALES (abs. #390)

Lagrangean formulation of ion- and dust-ion-acoustic waves presented by Ioannis KOURAKIS (abs. #280)

Langmuir solitary waves interaction with linear dispersive waves presented by Yannis KOMINIS (abs. #157)

Large-volume, helicon-plasma source for simulation experiments of space plasmas presented by Takao TANIKAWA (abs. #325)

Laser-dressed dielectric function in plasmas presented by Jose Leonardo FERREIRA (abs. #253)

Longitudinal oscillations in a nonextensive relativistic plasma presented by Victor MUNOZ (abs. #097)

Low pressure and atmospheric pressure plasma-jet systems and their application for deposition of thin films presented by Milan TICHY (abs. #357)

Mass spectrometry of multiply element laser plasma presented by Melis R. BEDILOV (abs. #146)

Measurement of electron sheath thickness and collection region of electric probe using laser photodetachment signals presented by Shin KAJITA (abs. #272)

Mechanisms of confinement in simple toroidal geometries presented by Kristoffer RYPDAL (abs. #406)

Melting of 2D Coulomb clusters in dusty plasmas presented by Ryuta ICHIKI (abs. #035)

Modulation of harmonic emission spectra from intense laser-plasma interaction presented by T.J.M. BOYD (abs. #122)

Molecular dynamics simulations of spontaneous and ion-assisted etching of silicon presented by David GRAVES (abs. #375)

Monte Carlo modeling of auroral electron acceleration presented by Altair SOUZA DE ASSIS (abs. #102)

Moving weakly relativistic electromagnetic solitons in laser-plasmas presented by Ljupco HADZIEVSKI (abs. #129)

Multi-species effects on magnetosonic waves and energy transfer in thermal equilibrium plasmas presented by Mieko TOIDA (abs. #178)

Multitoroidal configurations as equilibrium flow eigenstates presented by G. POULIPOULIS (abs. #136)

Non-linear phenomena in dusty plasmas presented by Barbara ATAMANIUK (abs. #346)

Nonlinear cyclotron-resonance accelerations by a generalized EM wave presented by Kazuhiro AKIMOTO (abs. #055)

Nonlinear damping of a Langmuir wave of finite amplitude as a critical phenomena presented by Alexey V. IVANOV (abs. #359)

Nonlinear field dynamics in electromagnetic plasma accelerators presented by Felipe Barbedo RIZZATO (abs. #023)

Nonlinear saturation of magnetic curvature driven Rayleigh Taylor instability in three dimensions presented by Abhijit SEN (abs. #082)

Nonlinear theory of dust lattice mode coupling in dust crystals presented by Ioannis KOURAKIS (abs. #282)

Nonlinear waves and structures in dusty plasmas presented by A. A. MAMUN (abs. #388)

Observation of the ion-ion instability and its suppression mechanism in a dusty double plasma device presented by Arun SARMA (abs. #021)

Observation of the molecular assisted recombination in a hydrogen plasma presented by Akira TONEGAWA (abs. #329)

On the stability of interchange mode turbulence with respect to excitation of large-scale flows presented by Vladimir P. PAVLENKO (abs. #166)

Particle simulation code for charge variable dusty plasmas presented by Bizhan FAROKHI (abs. #194)

Particle simulation in plasma presented by John P. VERBONCOEUR (abs. #404)

Phase-space holes in an electron-beam-plasma presented by Tsuyoshi TAKEDA (abs. #322)

Plasma flow and instabilities associated with a thin current sheet presented by Stephen VINCENA (abs. #207)

Plasma Fusion: (Meta)Stable Localized Patterns in (Non) Equilibrium Ensembles presented by Michael G. ZEITLIN (abs. #360)

Plasma production by helicon waves with single mode-number in low magnetic fields presented by Genta SATO (abs. #306)

Polarization reversal of electron cyclotron wave due to radial boundary conditio presented by Kazunori TAKAHASHI (abs. #105)

Potential structure of a plasma hole in a rotating magnetized plasma presented by Shinji YOSHIMURA (abs. #337)

Propagation of finite amplitude electrostatic disturbances in an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma presented by Francesco CALIFANO (abs. #034)

Qualitative structure and stability properties of a unified dynamical model for turbulence - shear flmow interactions in quasi two-dimensional plasma flows presented by Rowena BALL (abs. #048)

Rarefactive ion-acoustic solitons in a two-electron plasma presented by Manfred A. HELLBERG (abs. #198)

Recombination in deuterium plasma at cryogenic temperatures (down to 130 K) presented by Milan TICHY (abs. #355)

Relativistic electron beam acceleration by compton scattering of lower-hybrid waves presented by Reiji SUGAYA (abs. #040)

Relativistic inverse-bremsstrahlung in a plasma in the presence of two laser fields presented by Jose Leonardo FERREIRA (abs. #252)

Relativistic particle acceleration by a short-intense elliptically polarized ele magnetic pulse propagating along an externaly applied homogeneous magnetic field presented by Ricardo ONDARZA-ROVIRA (abs. #147)

Rigorous and constructive approach to the nonlinear tearing mode presented by Dominique Franck ESCANDE (abs. #072)

Secondary instabilities and vortex formation in collisionless-fluid magnetic reconnection presented by Francesco CALIFANO (abs. #025)

Self-consistent quasilinear theory presented by Altair SOUZA DE ASSIS (abs. #101)

Self-focusing of laser radiation in cluster plasma presented by Alexander G. LITVAK (abs. #092)

Shock compression of non ideal plasmas at megabars presented by Vladimir FORTOV (abs. #374)

Similarities between the generation and dynamics of concentric and non- concentric multiple double layers presented by Codrina IONITA (abs. #267)

Simulations of dusty plasmas using a special-purpose computer system for gravitational N-body problems presented by Keisuke YAMAMOTO (abs. #336)

Stability of off-axis motion for intense particle beams in periodically focusing channels presented by Renato PAKTER (abs. #144)

Statisitics of polarization and stokes parameters of stochastic waves presented by Matthew John HOLE (abs. #131)

Statistical analysis of correlations and intermittency of a turbulent rotating column in a magnetoplasma device presented by Simone MAGNI (abs. #161)

Statistical thermodynamics of strongly coupled plasma presented by Abdelhamid KHALFAOUI (abs. #036)

Stochastic acceleration in strong random fields presented by Anatoly ZAGORODNY (abs. #338)

Structure formation and transport processes of a nonneutral plasma coupled to an external rotating wave presented by Yukihiro SOGA (abs. #174)

Studies of effects of edge and interior DC biasing on plasma rotation and transport in a toroidal geometry presented by Ashild FREDRIKSEN (abs. #049)

Study of nonlinear phenomena in four component dusty plasma presented by Iglika SPASSOVSKA (abs. #316)

Subdiffusion in hydrodynamic vortex chain presented by Victor I. ILGISONIS (abs. #196)

Synchronization of drift waves in a DC magnetron sputtering device presented by Emilio MARTINES (abs. #293)

The electric discharge in superhigh pressure gas at current amplitude up to 5,10 5 A presented by Philip G. RUTBERG (abs. #065)

The penetration of plasma clouds across magnetic boundaries : the role of high frequency oscillations presented by Nils BRENNING (abs. #148)

Theoretical and numerical investigation of the shock formation of dust ion acoustic waves presented by Bengt ELIASSON (abs. #249)

Theory of solitary waves in complex plasma lattices presented by Ioannis KOURAKIS (abs. #220)

Three dimensional turbulent structures in the TJ-K torsatron presented by Franko GREINER (abs. #127)

Three-dimensional PIC simulation of electron plasmas presented by Massimiliano ROME (abs. #168)

Time developement of a current-free double-layer presented by Christine CHARLES (abs. #027)

Transient response of the introduction coil loading impedance and RF inverter system in the initial startup phase of RF induction thermal plasmas presented by Yoshihiko UESUGI (abs. #086)

Transport coefficients due to the ponderomotive effects in plasmas presented by Abdelatif TAHRAOUI (abs. #321)

Turbulence in a toroidal magnetized plasma investigated by collective light scattering : plasma form factor and plasma diffusion presented by Nicolas LEMOINE (abs. #160)

Ultracold neutral plasmas presented by Tom KILLIAN (abs. #382)

Upper-hybrid and electron-cyclotron waves in a laboratory magnetoplasma: weak spatial dispersion and parametric effects presented by Mikhail STARODUBTSEV (abs. #185)

Wave particle interaction investigated in a traveling wave tube presented by Fabrice DOVEIL (abs. #372)

Whistler waves propagation in plasma with nonstationary magnetic field presented by Alexander V. KOSTROV (abs. #119)

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