Topic B : Space and Astrophysical Plasmas : Contribution List

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Arbitrary amplitude inertial Alfvén waves in homogeneous magnetized electron-positron-ion plasmas presented by Shahzad MAHMOOD (abs. #052)

Coherent tripolar electric field structures associated with phase-space vortices in the earth's magnetosphere and in the solar wind presented by Dusan JOVANOVIC (abs. #271)

Current-free double-layers in the laboratory and their applications to space plasmas presented by Rod BOSWELL (abs. #368)

Cyclotron maser radiation from magnetized plasmas presented by David C. SPEIRS (abs. #232)

Dispersive and nonlinear Alfvén waves in terrestrial environment presented by Kristof STASIEWICZ (abs. #234)

Disperson relation of finite amplitude Alfvén wave in a relativistic electron- positron plasma presented by Victor MUNOZ (abs. #096)

Effects of the electron nongyrotropy type in the beam-plasma interactions presented by Marcio DE MORAES (abs. #152)

Electron-acoustic solitons in two-electron plasmas presented by Tom CATTAERT (abs. #188)

Energy mode distribution for waves generated by a pair of counterpropagating Langmuir waves presented by Virginia M. ALVES (abs. #044)

Influence of bounce resonance effects on the cyclotron wave instabilities in a dipole magnetospheric plasma with anisotropic temperature presented by Nikolay I. GRISHANOV (abs. #015)

Instability of broadband upper-hybrid waves in dusty magnetoplasmas presented by Padma Kant SHUKLA (abs. #309)

Investigation of initiation of gigantic jets connecting thunderclouds to the ionosphere presented by Lizhu TONG (abs. #330)

Ion-acoustic solitons and double-layers in plasma consisting of positive and negative ions with non-thermal electrons presented by Tarsem Singh GILL (abs. #115)

Ion-acoustic solitons in a weakly relativistic plasma with finite ion temperatur and non-thermal electrons presented by Tarsem Singh GILL (abs. #066)

Kink instability and onset of critical regimes in a magneto-plasma-dynamic thruster presented by Gianluigi SERIANNI (abs. #138)

Leader modeling of gigantic jets connecting thunderclouds to the ionosphere presented by Lizhu TONG (abs. #235)

Long-standing unsolved problems in solar physics and magnetospheric physics : some sugestions presented by Syun AKASOFU (abs. #366)

Lower-hybrid wave activity at the magnetopause presented by Robert BINGHAM (abs. #211)

Magnetic field generation by intense neutrino fluxes in plasmas presented by Luis O. SILVA (abs. #311)

Modulated envelope localized wavepackets associated with electrostatic plasma waves presented by Ioannis KOURAKIS (abs. #199)

Multiscale substorm features presented by Anthony T.Y. LUI (abs. #031)

Nanoparticles designed from low pressure plasma as model for astrophysical dust clouds presented by Ilija STEFANOVIC (abs. #400)

Nonlinear whistlerons presented by Bengt ELIASSON (abs. #283)

On high energy density laboratory astrophysics presented by Bruce REMINGTON (abs. #414)

On the origin of cosmological magnetic fields by plasma instabilities presented by Reinhard SCHLICKEISER (abs. #395)

One-dimensional PIC simulation of a current-free double-layer in an expanding plasma presented by Albert MEIGE (abs. #077)

Particle acceleration through the resonance of high magnetic field and high frequzncy electromagnetic wave presented by Hong LIU (abs. #076)

Potential of a moving test charge in a dusty plasma in the presence of grain size distribution and grain charging dynamics presented by Muhammad SHAFIQ (abs. #100)

Propagation of the Auroral kilometric radiation in plasma cavities presented by Tatiana BURINSKAYA (abs. #124)

Relationship between Horizontal Flow Velocity and Cell Lifetime for Supergranulation presented by Udayashankar PANIVENI (abs. #001)

Saturation of the Farley-Buneman instability via nonlinear mechanisms presented by Barbara ATAMANIUK (abs. #351)

Structure Formation by Modulational Interaction between Lower-Hybrid Waves and Dispersive Alfvén Waves presented by Jan-Ove HALL (abs. #413)

Surface-wave induced magnetic reconnection model at the magnetopause and space weather phenomena presented by Chanchal UBEROI (abs. #043)

The effects of induced scattering of Alfvén waves for the solar wind acceleratio presented by Andrei M. SADOVSKI (abs. #229)

Theory and applications of radio emission driven by shocks presented by Iver H. CAIRNS (abs. #370)

Transonic instabilities in accretion disks presented by Hans J.P. GOEDBLOED (abs. #126)

UV imaging of a plasma for space applications presented by Gianluca SPIZZO (abs. #205)

Wave decay processes in a weakly magnetized plasma presented by Catherine KRAFFT (abs. #284)

Waves in partially ionized plasma with inelastic collisions presented by Jovo VRANJES (abs. #333)

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