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2D-Modelling of pellet injection in the poloidal plane: results of numerical tests presented by Paraskevas LALOUSIS (abs. #133)

A model for radiative improved (RI) mode in tokamaks presented by Raghvendra SINGH (abs. #397)

A spectral line shape analysis of motional stark effect spectra presented by Laurence GODBERT-MOURET (abs. #050)

Active modification of MHD instabilities in T2R presented by Tommaso BOLZONELLA (abs. #212)

Advanced 3-D electron kinetic calculations for the current drive problem in magnetically confined thermonuclear plasmas presented by Yves PEYSSON (abs. #349)

Advanced scenarios for ITER operation presented by Adrianus C.C. SIPS (abs. #398)

An ultra miniature pinch-focus discharge presented by Leopoldo SOTO (abs. #231)

Analytical model of fast ion behavior in current hole tokamak plasmas presented by Klaus SCHOEPF (abs. #038)

Analytical theory of doppler reflectometry in slab plasma model presented by Alexander V. SURKOV (abs. #176)

Application of microwave imaging system for density fluctuation measurements on large helical device presented by Rostyslav PAVLICHENKO (abs. #301)

Aspect ratio dependance of bootsrap current and RF current driving efficiency presented by Shoichi SHIINA (abs. #061)

Charge separation as the basis of the reversed field pinch dynamo presented by Daniele BONFIGLIO (abs. #121)

Collisionless wave dissipation in a D-shaped tokamak with Soloviev type equilibrium presented by Nikolay I. GRISHANOV (abs. #013)

Comparison of bifurcation phenomena during LH/HL transition observed in biasing experiments in Tohoku University Heliac presented by Hiromi TAKAHASHI (abs. #206)

Density fluctuations in the tendem mirror Gamma 10 presented by Akiyosi ITAKURA (abs. #268)

Developement of real time diagnostics and Control Algorithms for JET in view of the next step presented by Andrea MURARI (abs. #134)

Development of a precise size-controllable pellet injector for the detailed studies of ablation phenamena and mechanism presented by Keita ICHIZONO (abs. #263)

Development of submillimeter wave source Gyrotron FU series for plasma diagnostics presented by Toshitaka IDEHARA (abs. #264)

Diffusivity induced by vortex-like coherent structures in reversed field pinch plasmas presented by Monica SPOLAORE (abs. #317)

Dynamics and Transport of Dust Particle in Tokamak Edge Plasmas presented by Sergeï I. KRASHENINNIKOV (abs. #008)

Effects of laser wavelength and density scalelength on absorption of ultrashort intense lasers on solid-density targets presented by Susumu KATO (abs. #274)

Electron cyclotron current drive efficiency in an axisymmetric tokamak presented by César GUTIERREZ-TAPIA (abs. #257)

Electron temperature fluctuations and their relation to transport barriers at Tore Supra presented by Victor S. UDINTSEV (abs. #109)

Electrostatic fluctuations measured in a helical plasma with low collisionality presented by Masaki TAKEUCHI (abs. #323)

ELM triggering conditions for the integrated modeling of H-mode plasmas presented by Alexei PANKIN (abs. #409)

Enhanced acceleration of charged particles by crossing electromagnetic waves in a magnetized plasma, resonant moments method presented by Maxim PONOMARJOV (abs. #228)

Enhanced doppler effect in the upper hybrid resonance presented by Evgeniy Z. GUSAKOV (abs. #128)

Escape patterns due to ergodic magnetic limiters in tokamaks with reversed magnetic shear presented by Marisa ROBERTO (abs. #303)

Estimation of power balance in steady state LHCD discharges on TRIAM-1M presented by Tomoya SUGATA (abs. #320)

Experimental investigations of metallic mirrors in TEXTOR tokamak presented by Andrey LITNOVSKY (abs. #287)

Exploring core-to-edge transport in Aditya tokamak by oscillations observed in the edge radiation presented by Parameshwaran VASU (abs. #180)

Extension and its characteristics of ECRH plasma in the LHD presented by Shin KUBO (abs. #385)

First result on a laser-heated emissive probe presented by Roman W. SCHRITTWIESER (abs. #307)

Flux surface shaping effects on tokamak edge turbulence and flows presented by Alexander KENDL (abs. #132)

Formation of convective cells in the scrape-off layerof the CASTOR tokamak presented by Jan STOCKEL (abs. #103)

Fundamental process of hydrogen pellet ablation in high temperature plasmas presented by Kohnosuke SATO (abs. #230)

Generation of quasi static magnetic field in the relativisitic laser-plasma interactions presented by Susumu KATO (abs. #275)

Ideal MHD stability calculations in presence of magnetic separatrices presented by Franco ALLADIO (abs. #120)

Identification of local Alfvén wave resonances with reflectometry as a diagnostic tool in tokamaks presented by Artur G. ELFIMOV (abs. #215)

Influence of the geometry of a target on the load characterisitice of a laser- emission discharge at different gas pressure presented by Vladimir V. SHKURKO (abs. #172)

Integrated fast ignition simulation of cone-guided target with three codes presented by Hitoshi SAKAGAMI (abs. #170)

Intermittent plasma transport in the presence of differential rotation presented by Jens Juul RASMUSSEN (abs. #137)

Investigations of the plasma potential oscillation with geodesic acoustic mode frequencies by HIBP presented by Alexander V. MELNIKOV (abs. #203)

Ion acceleration during internal magnetic reconnection events in TST-2 presented by Hiroyuki HOSHIKA (abs. #260)

Ion viscous heating to hyndred of KeV due to MHD instabilities in a Z-pinch presented by Malcolm G. HAINES (abs. #073)

Kinetic (PIC) simulations of the magnetised plasma-wall transition presented by David TSKHAKAYA (abs. #403)

Lower hybrid counter-current drive experiment in JET presented by Vincent BASIUK (abs. #352)

Marginal confinement in tokamaks by inductive electric field presented by Pablo MARTIN (abs. #353)

Measurements of magnetic fluctuations and magnetic reynolds stress in the KT-5C tokamak presented by Yizhi WEN (abs. #238)

MHD precursor to disruption in Iran tokamak 1 presented by Alireza HOJABRI (abs. #342)

MHD stability of fully non inductive discharges in Tore Supra presented by Patrick MAGET (abs. #348)

MHD-calibrated ELM model in simulations of ITER presented by Thawatchai ONJUN (abs. #358)

New application for equinox code for real-time plasma equilibrium and profile reconstruction for tokamaks presented by Krzysztof BOSAK (abs. #245)

New trends and future perspectives on plasma focus research presented by Leopoldo SOTO (abs. #399)

Non-linear temperature oscillations in the plasma centre on Tore Supra and their interplay with MHD presented by Victor S. UDINTSEV (abs. #085)

Non-thermal electron generation studies in SINP tokamak during magnetic reconnection from ECR and hard X-ray measurements presented by Amit Kumar HUI (abs. #117)

Numerical study of two-fluid flowing equilibria of helicity-driven spherical torus plasmas presented by Takashi KANKI (abs. #059)

Observation of self-organized criticality (SOC) behavior during edge biasing experiment on TEXTOR presented by Yuhong XU (abs. #064)

On non-zero space average density perturbation effects in tokamak plasma reflectometer signals presented by Stéphane HEURAUX (abs. #116)

On the effective Liapunov exponent in the tokamak context presented by Aleksandra MALUCKOV (abs. #202)

parametric study of 2D DC potential structures induced by RF sheaths coupled with transverse currents in front of ICRF antennas presented by Eric FAUDOT (abs. #250)

Particle-in-cell simulations of divertor plasmas including recombination effects presented by Lilia POPOVA (abs. #422)

Phase-space structure in plasma turbulence presented by Hideo SUGAMA (abs. #084)

Plasma heating by electron beam in corrugated magnetic field presented by Vladimir V. POSTUPAEV (abs. #167)

Plasma heating due to X-B mode conversion in a cylindrical ECR plasma system presented by Vipin K. YADAV (abs. #335)

Plasma scattering measurement using a submillimeter wave gyrotron as a radiation source presented by Isamu OGAWA (abs. #297)

Plasma turbulence measured by fast sweep reflectometry on Tore Supra presented by Frédéric CLAIRET (abs. #214)

Poloidal inhomogeneity of the particle fluctuation induced fluxes near of the LCFS at lower hybrid heating and improved confinement transition at the FT-2 tok presented by Sergei Ivanovich LASHKUL (abs. #075)

Poloidal rotation velocity, viscosity and limiter biasing in the tokamak plasma presented by Pejman KHORSHID (abs. #277)

Positive plasma biaising in front of the lower hybrid grill of CASTOR tokamak presented by Frantisek ZACEK (abs. #183)

Production of overdense plasmas by launching 2,45 GHz electron cyclotron waves in a helical device presented by Ryosuke IKEDA (abs. #265)

Radial potential profile of the core plasma and confinement of the bounced ions by electrostatic and magnetic hills in the tandem mirror presented by Kameo ISHII (abs. #218)

Reconstruction of the magnetic perturbation in a toroidal force-free circular plasma : application to the reversed field pinch presented by David TERRANOVA (abs. #106)

Reconstruction of Zeff profiles at TEXTOR through Bayasian source separation presented by Geert VERDOOLAEGE (abs. #110)

Relaxation of potential, flows, and density in the edge plasma of CASTOR tokamak presented by Martin HRON (abs. #261)

Reliability of the 1D fluid probe model for mach probe measurements presented by Peter PELEMAN (abs. #098)

Research on pinches driven by SPPED 2 generator : hard X-ray and neutron emission in plasma focus configuration presented by Leopoldo SOTO (abs. #315)

Scaling laws of density fluctuations in tokamak plasmas presented by Pascale HENNEQUIN (abs. #379)

Self consistent simulations of alpha particle heated plasmas presented by Mireille SCHNEIDER (abs. #350)

Soft X-ray imaging of MHD processes in the EXTRAP T2R reversed-field-pinch presented by Gianluca SPIZZO (abs. #233)

Soft X-ray measurement in IRE on the TST-2 spherical tokamak presented by Keisuke SASAKI (abs. #305)

Stability analysis of the ideal internal kink mode in a toroidally rotating toka plasma with ultra flat q profile presented by Christer WAHLBERG (abs. #181)

Stability of the hall sensors performance under neutron irradiation presented by Ivan DURAN (abs. #088)

Stabilization of burn conditions in an ITER FEAT like tokamak with uncertainities in the helium ash confinement time presented by Javier VITELA (abs. #332)

Study of plasma heating in ohmically and auxiliary heated regimes in spherical tokamak Globus-M presented by Nikolay V. SAKHAROV (abs. #171)

Study of Pulsed Plasmas at the Kurchatov Institute presented by Alexander S. KINGSEP (abs. #007)

Study on MHD activity in tokamaks presented by Fatemeh HAJAKBARI (abs. #341)

TCABR tokamak scrappe-off layer turbulence with DC biasing presented by Maria Vittoria A.P. HELLER (abs. #090)

Te/Ti effects on JET energy confinement properties presented by Elina ASP (abs. #114)

The compact mirrors with high pressure plasmas presented by Andrey A. ANIKEEV (abs. #145)

The environment effect on operation of in-vessel mirrors for plasma diagnostics in fusion devices presented by Vladimir VOITSENYA (abs. #345)

The helical dynamo in the reversed field pinch presented by Lionello MARRELLI (abs. #226)

The influences of the Magnetic Shear on the Improvement of the Quality of the Confinement in Plasma of Tokamak presented by Dennoum SAIFAOUI (abs. #410)

The physics of wire array Z-pinch implosions presented by Sergei V. LEBEDEV (abs. #387)

The role of zonal flows in low and high confinement modes in toroidal plasma presented by Michael G. SHATS (abs. #018)

Theoretical studies of parallel current in the presence of fluctuations presented by Masayoshi TAGUCHI (abs. #177)

Threshold of parametric decay instability accompagnying electron Bernstein wave heatinf in spherical tokamaks presented by Alexander V. SURKOV (abs. #175)

transport analysis of radial electric field in helical plasmas presented by Shinichiro TODA (abs. #107)

Transport barrier formation by LHCD on TRIAM-1M presented by Kazuaki HANADA (abs. #154)

Transport barrier in tokamaks with reversed magnetic shear presented by Ibere Luiz CALDAS (abs. #213)

Turbulent particle transport in magnetized fusion plasma presented by Clarisse BOURDELLE (abs. #369)

Understanding of edge plasmas in magnetic fusion energy devices presented by Thomas D. ROGNLIEN (abs. #394)

Very low frequency oscillations of heat load and recycling flux in steady-state tokamak discharge in TRIAM-1M presented by Hideki ZUSHI (abs. #184)

Whistler wave plasma production in CHS presented by Tatsuo SHOJI (abs. #308)

Zonal flow effects on tokamak microinstabilities presented by Paolo ANGELINO (abs. #240)

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