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ITPA Pedestal Meeting

20-22 April 2009, Cadarache, France


Monday 20 April
Time Title Speaker
9:00 Local organisor announcements Guido Huysmans
9:10 Welcome and agenda Howard Wilson
Pedestal Structure: Chair Lorne Horton
920 Progress and plans for the EPED1 Model and Comparison to Experiment Phil Snyder
950 Highly resolved edge profiles at ASDEX-Upgrade Elisabeth Wolfrum
1020 Comparative analysis of edge stability of AUG and DIII-D hybrid power scans with ILSA Costanza Maggi/ Christian Konz (remote)
1045 Coffee
1100 MHD of low density, high Te pedestal: observation of long-lived plasma current filament leading to pedestal erosion before ELMs Emilia Solano
1130 Results from latest DIII-D/JET pedestal structure vs rho* experiment Tom Osborne
1200 Presentation and discussion of workplan on ITER urgent issues related to pedestal physics Phil Snyder
1710 Remote presentation by Xu at end of day X Xu
1250-1350 Lunch
ELM Control (part 1): Chair Andrew Kirk
1350 ELM pace-making with pellets in AUG and JET Peter Lang (remote)/Gabriella Saibene
1420 Presentation and discussion of work plan on ITER urgent issues on pellet pace-making, including PEP24 Peter Lang (remote)/Gabriella Saibene
1520 Coffee
1540 Recent experimental results on ELM control by low n magnetic fields on JET Yunfeng Liang
1610 ELM mitigation experiments on JET: comparison of RMP and vertical kicks Gabriella Saibene
1640 Latest DIII-D RMP ELM suppression results and plans for new RMP coils in 2010 Max Fenstermacher
1710 TEMPEST kinetic simulations on pedestal structures in divertor geometry X Xu (Remote)
1740 Close
Tuesday 21 April
ELM control (part 2): Chair Max Fenstermacher
900 ELM suppression through density/pressure profile modification in NSTX Rajesh Maingi
930 An update on MAST ELM RMP experiments Andrew Kirk
1000 Modelling of MHD plasma response to RMPs Marina Becoulet
1030 Coffee
1050 BOUT++ modelling of ELMs and the impact of RMPs Ben Dudson
1120 Presentation and discussion of workplan on ITER urgent issues related to RMP suppression of ELMs Max Fenstermacher
1230-1330 Lunch
Ripple: Chair Roberta Sartori
1330 Recent results of ripple experiments in JET Roberta Sartori
1400 Comparison of local ripple structure between JT-60U with ferritic steel tiles and ITER with TBM Hajime Urano
1430 Effect of ripple and RMP on pedestal structure CS Chang
1500 Coffee
1520 Presentation and discussion of workplan on ITER urgent issues related to ripple Naoyuki Oyama
Joint Experiments: report and plans (part 1): Chair Naoyuki Oyama
1620 Summary of ITPA CC meeting and outcome for joint experiments Jerry Hughes
1635 PEP 1+3: Dimensionless identity experiments in JET and JT-60U: studies of ripple effects and rotation Gabriella Saibene
1645 PEP19 Basic mechanisms of edge transport with resonant magnetic perturbations in toroidal plasma confinement devices Todd Evans (remote)/ Max Fenstermacher
1655 PEP23 Quantification of the requirements for ELM suppression by magnetic perturbations from internal off mid-plane coils Todd Evans (remote)/Andrew Kirk
1705 PEP 25 Intermachine comparison of ELM control by magnetic field perturbations from midplane RMP coils Yunfeng Liang
1715 Close
Wednesday 22 April
L-H Transition Chair: Howard Wilson
900 First step toward theoretical understanding of L-H transition: Full-f gyro-kinetic ITG turbulence dynamics from edge to core CS Chang
930 Status and discussion of L-H threshold database Jerry Hughes
1000 First coupled core-edge simulations with the FACETS code Alexei Pankin
1030 Coffee
1050 Key issues on L-H transition and access to high confinement H-mode regimes in ITER Alberto Loarte
1120 Discussion of the role of pedestal group in L-H transition physics Howard Wilson
Joint Experiments: report and plans (part 2): Chair Naoyuki Oyama
1200 PEP2 Pedestal gradients and ELM energy losses in dimensionally similar discharges and their dimensionless scaling Tom Osborne
1210 PEP6 Pedestal structure and ELM stability in DN Rajesh Maingi
1220 PEP13 Comparison of small ELM regimes in JT-60U, AUG and JET Naoyuki Oyama
1230-1330 Lunch
1330 PEP14 QH/QDB comparison in JT-60U and DIII-D Naoyuki Oyama
1340 PEP16 C-Mod/MAST/NSTX small ELM regime comparison Rajesh Maingi
1350 PEP17 Rotation effect on high beta-p small ELM regimes Naoyuki Oyama
1400 PEP18 Comparison of rotation effects on Type I ELMing H-mode in JT-60U and DIII-D Naoyuki Oyama (?)
1410 PEP20 Documentation of the edge pedestal in advanced scenarios Costanza Maggi (remote)
1420 PEP21 The spatial and temporal structure of Type II ELMs Andrew Kirk
1430 PEP22 Controllability of pedestal and ELM characteristics by edge ECH/ECCD/LHCD Naoyuki Oyama
1440 Proposals for ITPA presentations at H-mode workshop (Discussion) Howard Wilson
1500 Coffee
Workplan action list (Chair Howard Wilson)
1520 Summary of revised work plan and agreed actions for ripple urgent issues Naoyuki Oyama
1535 Summary of revised work plan and agreed actions for RMP ELM suppression urgent issues Max Fenstermacher
1550 Summary of revised work plan and agreed actions for pellet pacing urgent issues Peter Lang (remote)
1605 Summary of revised work plan and agreed actions for pedestal structure urgent issues Phil Snyder
1620 Closing remarks Howard Wilson
1630 Close