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Turbulence overshoot and resonant structures in fusion and astrophysical plasmas

4 - 22 July 2005
Aix-en-Provence, France

     Prof P. Diamond and Dr X. Garbet, Chairman and vice-Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the "Festival de Théorie", have the pleasure to invite you to attend the "2005 Festival de Théorie" on Turbulence overshoot and resonant structures in fusion and astrophysical plasmas organised in the Montperrin centre of the University Paul Cézanne (in Aix city, France) from July 4th to July 22th 2005.

Background and goal of the "Festival de théorie"

     The Festival de Théorie is an international working session that takes palce in Aix-en-Provence.The aim of the "Festival de Théorie" is to promote the Theory of Magnetised Plasmas from the fields of Fusion and Astrophysics. The means is to provide a venue that will favour collaboration between senior physicists as well as tutorial activity for students. Two to three weeks attendance is therefore priviliged with lectures and working groups. This working scheme is unique in Europe for plasmas. It has produced a remarkable crop of published works in the two previous issues.
    In 2001, the "Festival de Théorie" was dedicated to "Self Organization and Transport in Electromagnetic Turbulence". In 2003,the selected theme was "Relaxation Processes in Magnetised Plasmas".

Scope of the "Festival de théorie"

    The chosen title for 2005 meeting is "Turbulence overshoot and resonant structures in fusion and astrophysical plasmas".
The following tentavie list of topics is proposed:
  1. turbulence overshoot, or spreading, in star convection zones and fusion plasmas
  2. interaction of overshhot with shear layers and transport layers
  3. particle acceleration and resonnant transport
  4. relaxation and reconnection
    Topic 4 is the continuation of theme of the 2003 Festival (Relaxation Processes in Magnetised Plasmas). The theme of the 2001 Festival will be addressed in the various topics listed here.

Scientific organisation of the "Festival de théorie"

    The "Festival de Théorie" is organised every odd year in order not to interfere with the Theory of Fusion Plasmas, Joint Varenna-Lausanne International Workshop that occurs every even year1.
    The meeting place is organised with offices for each participant, a computer room allowing for appropriate connexion to home computers, and a meeting room for several more formal presentations. The format of the meeting does not allow one to host more than about 25 senior theoreticians (students and Post-Docs are welcomed with no sharp limitation on the number). The "Festival de Théorie" is open to participants that have been selected by the Scientific Committee. It is the task of this Committee to determine those theoreticians that will contribute significantly to the working spirit of the meeting and that will attend during most of the meeting (a minimum of 2 weeks is the target).
    The scientific work during the festival is organised with a series of tutorial talks in the morning and shorter contributions in the afternoon. Working sessions on the various topics are organised in the morning and in the afternoon. These can take the form of discussion meetings with and introduction and short communications. A specific effort will be dedicated to students so that they can fully benefit of the Festival.

Task for Participants"

    The Festival is organised to favour collaborative activity in the field of magnetised plasmas, especially crossover work between astrophysics and fusion palsmas. To achieve this goal, the Festival is organised during 3 weeks. A two week minimum attendance is our goal.
    During these two to three weeks, we look forward to a full participation to the Festival, Tutorial presentations, organised discussions and working groups as well as any working session in conjunction with the Festival.

    For the 2005 venue, we would like to improve the pre-Festival time so that the discussion/collaboration during the Festival is more vigorous. A first step will to participate in defining the Scientific Organisation, specifically the choice of the topics or subtopics leaders. The following possible sub-topics have circulated:
  1. Accretion disks
  2. Dynamo
  3. Non-diffusive transport
    The festival is open to "junior scientists" both PhD students and Post-Docs. We would therefore also acknowledge your participation to the scientific activity dedicated to those "junior" participants.

    Finally, we are working to improve the output of the Festival. A book with the outstanding contributions from the 2003 festival is being worked out. We would like to renew this challenge with the 2005 material. New ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

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