Festival de theorie 2003 :

Relaxation in Magnetised Plasmas

7 - 25 July 2003
Aix-en-Provence, France

First Announcement

Scope of the meeting

The Festival de Théorie is an initiative that aims at organising theory working groups on well-focused subjects in magnetised plasma physics. The international meetings will gather 15 to 25 experts during three to four weeks.
The objective is three fold. First, the participants will present the most recent results in the field and promote new ideas. Secondly sub-groups will be formed and start new common work on the subject. In this regard, it is expected that the participants will cover a broad spectrum of expertise. The third objective is to provide educational training for PhD and post-doc students.
The second meeting of the Festival de Théorie will be organised from July 7th to July 25th 2003 in Aix en Provence. The subject will be "Relaxation in Magnetised Plasmas". Participants will come from various fields of research, namely fusion, space and astrophysics. To date 4 topics are considered,
  1. Dynamos,
  2. Reversed Field Pinch Relaxation,
  3. Reconnection,
  4. Edge Localised Modes, relaxation of transport barriers.
An underlying topic will be the relationship between the mesoscale phenomena and the microscale turbulence.

Scientific organisation

Each half-day of the meeting will start with a presentation given by each participant. Blackboard presentations and discussions will be promoted. Several reviews and tutorial talks will also be organised. Most of the time will be shared between individual work and discussions in working groups.
Written contributions to be published in a journal should be produced. On the first day of the Festival, draft of the contributions (with open issues, unanswered questions, etc.) will be collected and will provide the material for the working groups. Part of the work during the Festival should be dedicated to work on the papers. At the end of the Festival, the drafts will be collected in a CD to be distributed to each participant. One should aim at submitting the papers before the end of 2003.
You are invited to participate after selection by the Scientific Committee. This invitation covers the 3 weeks of the venue. We strongly encourage a participation of 2 weeks minimum. The number of participants is limited to about 25 senior scientists. We wish to keep the Festival de Théorie open to less experienced theoreticians, Post-docs and PhD students.
Some financial support was offered to several participants in 2001. Such a support should also be available for the present meeting. Should you ask for such a support, please check this point in the registration form given below.


These meetings are organised jointly by the LPIIM (CNRS-University of Provence) and CEA Cadarache. The present meeting will be organised on the campus of University of Aix-Marseille III, located in Aix-en-Provence. This new location should provide a more comfortable setting compared to that in 2001. Offices and microcomputers connected to the network will be available. Aix-en Provence is a beautiful city in Provence, close to the "Luberon" hills and vineyards. Many festivals take place in Provence on July, in particular the "Festival d'Art Dramatique" in Avignon and the "Festival d'Art Lyrique" in Aix en Provence.


Due to the "Festival d'Art Lyrique", very few rooms in Aix hotels are available in July. We have thus decided to book in advance a limited number of rooms. Three possibilities are available within a walking distance to the campus : two hotels and one residence. The residence is suitable for a family stay.
Please send the enclosed form before Feb. 25th, 2003 to :
Ms Véronique POLI, 
Association EURATOM - CEA
DRFC/SIPP/G2IC - Bt. 506 - CEA/Cadarache
F-13108 Saint Paul-lez-Durance, Cedex. France
Fax : +33 (0)442 256 255 - E-mail : veronique.poli@cea.fr

1/ Hotel Residence "Les Jardins Mozart" : 3 minutes walk from the Cours Mirabeau, the residence is situated in the new residential and cultural area of Aix-en-Provence. This very new building holds 90 fully furnished flats, from one to four rooms. The residence offers services as :
Reception desk open 6 days/7
Mail and fax delivery, maintenance visitor assistance*
Access to the residence with a personal magnetic key
Cafeteria for breakfast*
Internet access*
Coin-operated washers and dryers*
A storage area
A public phone in lobby*
Linen kit (sheets and towels) and dishes kit (cooking utensils and dishes)
Un underground parking*
Microwave rental*
Housekeeping once a week*

*services with extra charge.
Summer 2003 short stay rate/pers/week
studio (1 pers.) 
  T2 (1 or 2 pers.)
  1 week	 
  230 Euros/week	
  215 Euros/pers/week 
  2 weeks 
  185 Euros/week	
  175 Euros/pers/week 
  3 weeks 
  180 Euros/week	
  165 Euros/pers/week 
 housework fees (on leaving) 
  26 Euros	
  35 Euros 
  150 Euros	
  300 Euros 
2/ Hotel La Rotonde (***) recently restored, located in the centre of Aix-en-Provence, hotel La Rotonde has 42 comfortable and air-conditioned rooms, all equipped with mini-bar, direct phone, modem plug and satellite TV, a pleasant bar in the hall and private car park and garage.

Single room, breakfast included : from 58 Euros/night to 72 Euros/night
Double room, breakfast included : from 78 Euros/night to 88 Euros/night

3/ Apart'Hotel Citadines-Aix/Forbin (***) : 

studio one person : 55 Euros/night.
see details on our website.


Several restaurants and cafeterias are available around the workshop site and downtown, the cafeteria on site is equipped with a microwave.


Aix-en-Provence is accessible by bus, train or car from Marseille (25 km) or Nice (180 km). Shuttles are available every 30 minutes between Marseille-Marignane airport and Aix-en-Provence bus station. Rental cars are available at the Marseille-Marignane airport or in Aix-en-Provence downtown. Driving in the old part of the city of Aix en Provence is near impossible. The University hosting the meeting is just out of the old city and car access and parking is possible. More details on the meeting can be found on the web site : http://www-fusion-magnetique.cea.fr/festival-theorie

Further Information

The CEA-Cadarache hosts the tokamak Tore Supra, within the frame of the Euratom-CEA Association on Controlled Fusion Research. The Tore Supra programme is oriented towards the achievement of long pulse plasmas. A visit will be organised during the meeting. An important effort is also devoted to propose Cadarache as an ITER site. Presentation of this project and discussion can also be organised.

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