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A Charge Exchange Analysis Package for ITER, presented by Manfred VON HELLERMANN (abs. #017, topic P)

Analysis of diamagnetic measurements on W7-AS, presented by Joachim GEIGER (abs. #014, topic D)

Bayesian Graphical Model, presented by Jakob SVENSSON (abs. #024, topic I)

Data consistency studies on Tore Supra using CRONOS, presented by Vincent BASIUK (abs. #028, topic P)

Data management of the Herschel Space Telescope project, presented by Marc SAUVAGE (abs. #026, topic O)

Data Validation and Analysis during JET 2003 Trace Tritium experiments, presented by Darren MCDONALD (abs. #021, topic P)

Data validation of magnetic diagnostic at Tore Supra, presented by Philippe MOREAU (abs. #010, topic D)

Data Validation Procedure at Tore Supra, presented by Clarisse BOURDELLE (abs. #005, topic P)

Determination of surface temperature distributions from spectrally resolved luminance distributions for infrared thermography in tokamaks, presented by Stéphane HENRY (abs. #004, topic P)

Diagnostic Design by means of the Bayesian Probability, presented by Rainer FISCHER (abs. #025, topic I)

EFDA Integrated Tokamak Modelling Task Force, presented by Pär I. STRAND (abs. #008, topic O)

Errors in fits, presented by Andrew KIRK (abs. #023, topic I)

Integrated Data Analysis, presented by Andreas DINKLAGE (abs. #016, topic I)

Issues in measurement of the stored energy in JET plasmas, presented by Darren MCDONALD (abs. #013, topic D)

Long-time integration of Magnetic Diagnostics, presented by Andreas WERNER (abs. #015, topic D)

Magnetic data accuracy and validation methods for ITER, presented by George VAYAKIS (abs. #020, topic D)

Magnetic Measurements in Large Helical Device, presented by Satoru SAKAKIBARA (abs. #018, topic D)

On-line Evaluation of Soft-X-Ray Measurement, presented by Udo VON TOUSSAINT (abs. #027, topic P)

Plasma energy measurement with diamagnetic loops in the TJ-II stellarator, presented by Enrique ASCASIBAR (abs. #011, topic D)

Radiative power measuments consistency, presented by Pascale MONIER-GARBET (abs. #009, topic P)

The MAST data analysis chain, presented by Robert J. AKERS (abs. #012, topic P)

The role of a spectral motional Stark effect diagnostic in equilibrium reconstruction and diamagnetic measurement in low-|B| plasmas, presented by Daniel J. DEN HARTOG (abs. #003, topic D)

Validation of infrared thermography at Tore Supra, presented by Roger REICHLE (abs. #001, topic P)

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