Topic P : Experimental data validation : Contribution List

Contributions are sorted by title.

A Charge Exchange Analysis Package for ITER presented by Manfred VON HELLERMANN (abs. #017)

Data consistency studies on Tore Supra using CRONOS presented by Vincent BASIUK (abs. #028)

Data Validation and Analysis during JET 2003 Trace Tritium experiments presented by Darren MCDONALD (abs. #021)

Data Validation Procedure at Tore Supra presented by Clarisse BOURDELLE (abs. #005)

Determination of surface temperature distributions from spectrally resolved luminance distributions for infrared thermography in tokamaks presented by St├ęphane HENRY (abs. #004)

On-line Evaluation of Soft-X-Ray Measurement presented by Udo VON TOUSSAINT (abs. #027)

Radiative power measuments consistency presented by Pascale MONIER-GARBET (abs. #009)

The MAST data analysis chain presented by Robert J. AKERS (abs. #012)

Validation of infrared thermography at Tore Supra presented by Roger REICHLE (abs. #001)

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