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European Pedestal Physics Working Session

3-5 April 2006, Cadarache, France

Proceedings (limited access to efda users)

The 1st European Pedestal Physics Working Session will be held at Cadarache (France) from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2006 (3 full days). The meeting will be organized by the Association Euratom/CEA Cadarache, under the auspices of both the Integrated Tokamak Modelling and the Plasma Wall Interaction Task Forces.

    One of the biggest challenges when projecting present results to ITER or beyond ITER to DEMO is the pedestal region. While there is reasonable confidence on the core confinement, all codes addressing core confinement studies rely on pedestal properties that are difficult to determine either empirically from experimental evidence or from first principle theoretical work. The pedestal region also appears as a key boundary layer for the divertor physics.

The aim of the present working session is that of a kick-off meeting to bridge the various efforts within EU laboratories on this topic. Our wish is also to bridge the experimental effort including that on scaling laws and the modelling and theoretical effort. 
* A first goal is to bring together the various specialists in this field and to pin down the issues that are actually addressed and those important issues that should be addressed but are not.
* A second goal stems immediately from the first one, namely to reinforce co-operation between the various groups and, when possible, to define areas where coordinated work can be carried out, hence defining the content of future working sessions.

The conference will consist of oral communications followed by discussion sessions.

Scientific Programme Committee

    V. Parail(chairman), UK             
    M. Beurskens, UK
    G. Huysmans, France
    D. Coster, Germany
    W. Suttrop, Germany
    T. Loarer, France
    A. Loarte, EFDA              

Local Organising Committee

    Ph. Ghendrih (chairman)
    G. Giruzzi
    T. Hutter
    K. Ruiz (secretary)