Pedestal Physics Working Session, Cadarache, 3-5 April 2006 



Monday, 3 April 9:30-18:00.

9:30-9:50 Welcome and Introduction (A. Bécoulet, D. Coster, V. Parail);

I - Physics of L-H transition and ETB (chair: Y Martin)

9:50                 Y. Andrew “L-H transition: overview of JET results”;

10:20               Y. Martin “L-H transition in TCV”;

10:50               A. Loarte “Plasma fuelling in JET ELMy H-mode: role of neutral dynamics and edge particle transport”;

11:20ŕ11:40             Coffee break

11:40               W, Suttrop, “Edge pedestal studies in improved H-modes and small ELM regimes in AUG”

12:10               E.J. Kim “Role of zonal flows and magnetic fields in turbulence regulation and the formation of transport barriers”;

12:40 ŕ 14:00   Lunch break

14:00               M. Tokar “A model for L-H bifurcation, characteristics of ETB and ELMs”

14:30               P. Guzdar “Zonal flows and their stability: the role they play in L-H transitions and density limit;

15:00               T. Kurki-Suonio “ASCOT simulations of edge physics issues”;

15:30               D. Kalupin “Predictive modelling of L-H transition”;

16:00ŕ16:20             Coffee break

16:20               P. Ghendrih “Pedestal width and turbulence spreading”;

16:50               C. Konz “Linear edge stability and toroidal rotation”;

17:20               P. Tamain “Thermal stability of plasma with gas puffing”;

17:50-18:10     Discussion.


Tuesday, 4 April 9:00-18:00.

II - MHD stability of ETB, ELM mitigation. (Chair: G. Huysmans)

9:00                 B. Unterberg “Impact of stochastic magnetic field on ELMs in TEXTOR;

9:30                 E. Nardon “ELM mitigation by ergodic magnetic field;

10:00               V. Parail “Role of ripple and ergodic magnetic field in ELM mitigation;

10:30               P. Monier Garbet “Impurities, pedestal and type-III ELMs in JET”;

11:00ŕ11:20 Coffee break

11:20-12:00            P. da Silva Aresta Belo “Impurity transport through the ETB: experimental observation and predictive modelling;

12:00               S. Wiesen “Modelling of neutral penetration through the SOL”;

12:30 ŕ 13:50   Lunch break

13:50               J. Hogan “Semi-empirical ELM models

14:20               P. Beyer “Turbulence simulation of transport barrier relaxations in tokamak edge plasmas;


III - Diagnostics needed for ETB and ELMs study. (Chair: Th Loarer)

14:50               M. Beurskens “Summary of findings on diagnostic requirements. Creating an optimal edge profiles from experimental data”;

15:20               E. De La Luna “Where we are now, and what will we have when EP2 diagnostics are installed in JET”;

15:50               E. Solano “Effect of equilibrium reconstruction on pedestal measurements”;

16:20   ŕ 16:40   Coffee Break

16:40               M. Brix “MSE edge measurements”;

17:10               Y. Andrews “Measurements of edge ion temperature and plasma rotation in JET”;

17:40               S. Hacquin “Reflectometry profile measurements”;


Wednesday, 5 April 9:00-12:30.

IV – Discussions . (ChairV. Parail)

9:00 ŕ 10:00               Physics of L-H transition  (Chairman :Ph Ghendrih)

10:00ŕ10:55               MHD stability of ETB, ELM mitigation. (Chairman: M Bécoulet);

10:55ŕ11:15                         Coffee Break

11:15ŕ12:10               Diagnostics needed for ETB and ELMs study. (Chairman: M Beurskens);

12:10ŕ13:00               Integrated modelling of L-H transition and ELMy H-mode: what do we have and what do we need. (D. Coster).