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15 mA CW H- Source for Accelerators , presented by Yu.i. BELCHENKO (abs. #017, topic 2)

A 2D Model of a Tandem Plasma Source, presented by Antoniya P. SHIVAROVA (abs. #020, topic 1)

A Proposal for a Novel H- Ion Source Based on Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating and Surface Ionization by O. , presented by Olli TARVAINEN (abs. #030, topic 2)

A Test Stand for Ion Sources under Ultimate Reliability, presented by Luis URIARTE (abs. #051, topic 2)

Aperture size effect on extracted negative ion current density, presented by Hubert DE ESCH (abs. #058, topic 3)

Beam Transmission in ITER Injectors with Account of Possible Beam Parameters Deviations from Nominal Conditions, presented by Alexander KRYLOV (abs. #046, topic 2)

Caesium free negative ion sources for neutral beam injectors: a study of negative ion production on graphite surface in hydrogen and deuterium plasma, presented by Loic SCHIESKO (abs. #006, topic 1)

Characteristics of He- Beam Produced in Lithium Vapor, presented by Nozomi TANAKA (abs. #055, topic 3)

Characteristics of rf H- ion source by using FET power source, presented by A. ANDO (abs. #056, topic 2)

Characteristics of the RF negative ion source with using a mesh grid bias method, presented by Osamu FUKUMASA (abs. #048, topic 1)

Commissioning The Front End Test Stand High Performance H Ion Source at RAL, presented by D. C. FAIRCLOTH (abs. #005, topic 2)

Compensation of beamlet repulsion in a large negative ion source with a multi aperture accelerator, presented by Mieko KASHIWAGI (abs. #050, topic 2)

Design of a low voltage, high current extraction system for the ITER Ion Source, presented by Vanni ANTONI (abs. #044, topic 1)

Development of 1 MeV H- accelerator at JAEA for ITER NB, presented by Masaki TANIGUCHI (abs. #052, topic 2)

Development of Small Multiaperture Negative ion Beam Sources and Related Simulation Tools, presented by Marco CAVENAGO (abs. #034, topic 4)

Electrons in the negative-ion –based NBI beamline on JT-60U, presented by Masashi KISAKI (abs. #023, topic 2)

Enhanced production of vibrationally excited H2 molecules using fast atoms, presented by Brendan CROWLEY (abs. #038, topic 1)

Enhancement of D- negative ion volume production in pure deuterium plasmas, presented by Osamu FUKUMASA (abs. #047, topic 1)

Evaluation of characteristics of strongly focusing high-intensity He+ beam source for confined alpha particle measurement at ITER, presented by Masashi KISAKI (abs. #035, topic 5)

Experiments on the Detection of Negative Hydrogen Ions in a Small-Size Tandem Plasma Source, presented by Tsanko TSANKOV (abs. #019, topic 1)

Exploratory studies on 1MeV Negative Ion Beam Neutralization by Laser Detachement, presented by Oualid CHAIBI (abs. #060, topic 5)

First Results with a Surface Conversion H- Ion Source Based on Helicon Wave Mode -Driven Plasma Discharge by O. , presented by Olli TARVAINEN (abs. #029, topic 2)

Fundamental studies of negative ions Production and neutralisation, presented by Dag HANSTORP (abs. #061, topic 3)

H- formation in the scattering of hydrogen ions on carbonaceous and oxidic surfaces, presented by Hocine KHEMLICHE (abs. #059, topic 1)

H- Ion Source Development for the LANSCE Accelerator Systems, presented by Roderich KELLER (abs. #028, topic 2)

How to Find Valid Parameters for the Modelling of H- and D- Ion Extraction with nIGUN, presented by Reinard BECKER (abs. #004, topic 1)

Kinetic Study of the secondary plasma created in the ITER neutraliser , presented by Tiberiu MINEA (abs. #045, topic 1)

Latest results from the Mantis test bed, presented by Deirdre BOILSON (abs. #063, topic 2)

Lithium Jet Neutralizer to Improve Negative Ion Neutral Beam Performance, presented by Larry GRISHAM (abs. #031, topic 5)

Long pulse H- beam extraction with a RF driven ion source with low fraction of co-extracted electrons, presented by Werner KRAUS (abs. #018, topic 2)

Measurement of Electron and Ion Dynamics in a Cesium Seeded Negative Ion Source for Neutral Beam Injector, presented by K. TSUMORI (abs. #036, topic 2)

Model of a new SNS electrostatic LEBT with a near-ground chopper, presented by Baoxi X. HAN (abs. #067, topic 4)

Modeling of a high power RF discharge, presented by Gwenael FUBIANI (abs. #039, topic 1)

Modeling of the plasma electrode bias in the negative ion sources with 1D PIC method, presented by Daisuke MATSUSHITA (abs. #024, topic 1)

Monte Carlo simulation of H- ion transport, presented by Savino LONGO (abs. #053, topic 1)

Multi-antenna RF ion source under a high RF power level, presented by Yoshihide OKA (abs. #033, topic 1)

Negative Hydrogen Ion Source with Inverse Gas Magnetron Geometry, presented by Vladimir a. BATURIN (abs. #041, topic 1)

Next Generation Ion Sources for the SNS, presented by Robert WELTON (abs. #054, topic 2)

Numerical analysis of electronegative plasma near the extraction grid in negative ion sources, presented by Sylvain KUPPEL (abs. #013, topic 1)

Optimum bias voltage for the improvement of H- beam currents in Transformer Coupled Plasma (TCP) negative hydrogen ion source, presented by Seok-geun LEE (abs. #049, topic 1)

Physical and experimental background of the design of the ELISE test facility, presented by Peter FRANZEN (abs. #010, topic 2)

PIC-MCC Modelling of the Magnetic Filter Effects on Electron and Negative Hydrogen Ion Transport, presented by Stanimir KOLEV (abs. #043, topic 1)

Plasma and beam homogeneity of the RF-driven negative hydrogen ion source for ITER NBI, presented by Ursel FANTZ (abs. #022, topic 2)

Plasma structure in the extraction region of a negative ion source, presented by Francesco TACCOGNA (abs. #001, topic 4)

Population Inversion in a Magnetized Expanding Thermal Plasma, presented by Richard ENGELN (abs. #066, topic 1)

Production of H- ions by surface mechanisms in Cs-free multi-dipolar microwave plasma, presented by Stéphane BECHU (abs. #057, topic 2)

Pulsing Carbon and Hydrogen negative ions source for accelerator cancer therapy facility, presented by S. KONSTANTINOV (abs. #002, topic 1)

Purification of Radioactive Ion Beams by Photodetachment in a RF Quadrupole Ion Beam Cooler, presented by Yuan LIU (abs. #026, topic 4)

Ramping Up the SNS Beam Power with the LBNL Baseline H- Source With the LBNL Bas, presented by Martin STOCKLI (abs. #062, topic 2)

Recent progress in the negative-ion-based NBI in Large Helical Device , presented by Yasuhiko TAKEIRI (abs. #032, topic 2)

Redesign of the Analysing Magnet in the ISIS Penning Ion Source, presented by Scott LAWRIE (abs. #008, topic 4)

Results of the SINGAP Neutral Beam Accelerator Experiment at JAEA, presented by Hubert DE ESCH (abs. #042, topic 5)

Secondary emission effects in the ITER negative ion electrostatic accelerator, presented by Gwenael FUBIANI (abs. #040, topic 1)

Simulations for the generation and extraction of negative hydrogen ions in RF-driven ion sources, presented by Raphael GUTSER (abs. #016, topic 1)

Spatial Distribution of the Plasma Characteristics of a Tandem Plasma source, presented by Khristo TARNEV (abs. #021, topic 1)

Status of the Negative Ion based Heating and Diagnostic Neutral Beams for ITER, presented by Beatrix SCHUNKE (abs. #011, topic 6)

Steering of multiple beamlets in the JT-60U negative ion source, presented by Masaki KAMADA (abs. #009, topic 2)

Study of Multi-cusp magnetic field in cylindrical geometry for H- Ion source, presented by V.k. SENECHA (abs. #065, topic 1)

Study of the plasma near the plasma electrode by probes and photodetachment , presented by Marthe BACAL (abs. #037, topic 1)

Surface production of negative ions by ions and atoms in the electron suppressor, presented by Roy MCADAMS (abs. #025, topic 1)

The Effect of Beam Induced Plasma in the ITER Electrostatic Residual Ion Dump, presented by Elizabeth SURREY (abs. #003, topic 1)

The electronegative plasma-sheath at low pressures for Hydrogen and Deuterium, presented by Beatrice maria ANNARATONE (abs. #027, topic 1)

The HERA magnetron: 24 years of experience with one uninterrupted run period of more than two years, presented by Jens PETERS (abs. #014, topic 2)

The NEW DESY RF-Driven Multicusp H- Ion Source, presented by Jens PETERS (abs. #015, topic 2)

Welcome by the Head of Institute for Magnetic Fusion research, presented by Michel CHATELIER (abs. #064, topic 6)

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