Topic 2 : H- and D- Sources for Fusion, accelerators and other applications : Contribution List

Contributions are sorted by title.

15 mA CW H- Source for Accelerators presented by Yu.i. BELCHENKO (abs. #017)

A Proposal for a Novel H- Ion Source Based on Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating and Surface Ionization by O. presented by Olli TARVAINEN (abs. #030)

A Test Stand for Ion Sources under Ultimate Reliability presented by Luis URIARTE (abs. #051)

Beam Transmission in ITER Injectors with Account of Possible Beam Parameters Deviations from Nominal Conditions presented by Alexander KRYLOV (abs. #046)

Characteristics of rf H- ion source by using FET power source presented by A. ANDO (abs. #056)

Commissioning The Front End Test Stand High Performance H Ion Source at RAL presented by D. C. FAIRCLOTH (abs. #005)

Compensation of beamlet repulsion in a large negative ion source with a multi aperture accelerator presented by Mieko KASHIWAGI (abs. #050)

Development of 1 MeV H- accelerator at JAEA for ITER NB presented by Masaki TANIGUCHI (abs. #052)

Electrons in the negative-ion –based NBI beamline on JT-60U presented by Masashi KISAKI (abs. #023)

First Results with a Surface Conversion H- Ion Source Based on Helicon Wave Mode -Driven Plasma Discharge by O. presented by Olli TARVAINEN (abs. #029)

H- Ion Source Development for the LANSCE Accelerator Systems presented by Roderich KELLER (abs. #028)

Latest results from the Mantis test bed presented by Deirdre BOILSON (abs. #063)

Long pulse H- beam extraction with a RF driven ion source with low fraction of co-extracted electrons presented by Werner KRAUS (abs. #018)

Measurement of Electron and Ion Dynamics in a Cesium Seeded Negative Ion Source for Neutral Beam Injector presented by K. TSUMORI (abs. #036)

Next Generation Ion Sources for the SNS presented by Robert WELTON (abs. #054)

Physical and experimental background of the design of the ELISE test facility presented by Peter FRANZEN (abs. #010)

Plasma and beam homogeneity of the RF-driven negative hydrogen ion source for ITER NBI presented by Ursel FANTZ (abs. #022)

Production of H- ions by surface mechanisms in Cs-free multi-dipolar microwave plasma presented by Stéphane BECHU (abs. #057)

Ramping Up the SNS Beam Power with the LBNL Baseline H- Source With the LBNL Bas presented by Martin STOCKLI (abs. #062)

Recent progress in the negative-ion-based NBI in Large Helical Device presented by Yasuhiko TAKEIRI (abs. #032)

Steering of multiple beamlets in the JT-60U negative ion source presented by Masaki KAMADA (abs. #009)

The HERA magnetron: 24 years of experience with one uninterrupted run period of more than two years presented by Jens PETERS (abs. #014)

The NEW DESY RF-Driven Multicusp H- Ion Source presented by Jens PETERS (abs. #015)

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