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11th European Fusion Theory Conference

26-28 September 2005, Aix-en-Provence, France

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The 11th European Fusion Theory Conference will be held in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France from the 26th until the 28th of September 2005. The conference will be organized by the Association Euratom/CEA Cadarache

The aim of the conference is to provide a discussion forum covering all areas of magnetic fusion-oriented theoretical activities in Europe. The following main topics are included:

   1. Basic plasma theory
   2. Macroinstabilities and operational limits
   3. Alternative concepts: stellarators, rfp's, spherical tokamaks, etc.
   4. Turbulent transport and structures: experimental evidence 
      and theoretical basis
   5. Neoclassical transport: theory and experimental evidence 
   6. Burning plasmas and fast particles 
   7. Heating, current drive, and wave particle interactions
   8. Edge and SOL/divertor physics
   9. Computational modelling in plasma physics.

The conference will consist of invited lectures and posters. The selection of the contributions has been made on the basis of the submitted one-page abstracts.

Invited AND POSTER Presentations Program (1st september version)


Scientific Program Committee

    F. Zonca(chairman) ENEA, Italy             
    D. Borba           IST, Portugal	       M. Lisak        VR, Sweden
    S. Cappello        CNR, Italy              V. Naulin       Riso, Denmark
    F. Castejon        CIEMAT, Spain           M. Ottaviani    CEA, France
    D. Van Eester      TEC, Belgium            O. Sauter       CRPP, Switzerland
    S. Gunter          IPP, Germany            M. Tokar        TEC, Germany
    J. Heikkinen       Tekes, Finland          M. Vlad         INFLPR, Romania
    P. Helander        UKAEA, UK              

Local Organising Committee

    M. Ottaviani (chairman)
    P. Beyer
    H. Capes
    A. Corso-Leclercq
    T. Hutter (scientific secretary)
    G. Huysmans (webmaster)
    R. Stamm