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The ITER project


5 - Project description  

The increase in the size of Tokamak machines (plasma cross-section) over the course of time is shown in the figure opposite. ITER will be a superconducting Tokamak of a size as yet unequalled. Tore Supra, the CEA superconducting Tokamak has demonstrated this technology. The use of superconducting magnets permits long pulse operation. The chart below describes the main parameters of the project.


R=major radius of plasma
a=minus radius of plasma


Parameters Tore Supra JET Site du JET  ITER
Major radius of plasma (m)  2.25  3  6.21
Minor radius of plasma (m)  0.7  1.25  2.0
Volume of plasma (m3)  25  155  837
Plasma Current (MA)  1.7  5-7  15
Magnetic field (T)  4.5  3.4  5.3
Duration of pulses (s)  minute(s)  10  > 300 s
Type of Plasma  D-D D-D / D-T  D-T
Thermonuclear power (Pth)  ~ kW 50kW/ 10MW  500 MW
Q = Pth / heating power  ~ 0    ~1  >10
Neutron power at the edge  20 W/m²    60 kW/m² 0.57 MW/m²
Main parameters of Tore Supra, JET, ITER

The main goal of ITER is the study of burning plasmas, i.e. plasmas where heating is mainly provided by the alpha particles created from fusion reactions. The share of heating due to alpha particles amounts to hardly 10% in the best pulses achieved in the JET JET website machine. This share will be 60% in ITER. ITER will also be the first machine incorporating most of the technologies crucial for the preparation of a futur current generating fusion reactor (plasma facing components, tritium management, robotics, tests of breeding blankets etc.).

View of ITER (from ITER ITER team website) : move and click on a selected view


For further information  

The ITER team website English wording : http://www.iter.org/  ITER team website
The IAEA web site, ITER news English wording : http://www.iaea.org/worldatom/Periodicals/Iter/available.shtml  IAEA website, ITER news


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