Self Organization and Transport in Electromagnetic Turbulence

2 -20 July 2001 Aix-en-Provence, France

Working Groups

1) Transition from electrostatic (zero beta) to Alfvenic turbulence

Linear physics : transition from electrostatic (e.g. interchange ) instabilities to Alfvèn waves. Non linear regime : same question. Role of kinetic effects. Key question : dependence of the turbulent flux on beta. Competition between various mechanisms of flow generation when increasing beta (Reynolds stress vs Maxwell tensor).
Organizers: B. Scott, X. Garbet

A. Das              J. Candy
G. Falchetto        P.K. Kaw
V. Naulin           F. Zonca

2) Transport issues

Small scale electron transport (e.g. Electron Temperature Gradient driven modes). Mechanisms producing a significant electron transport with small scale (sub gyro-radius) instabilities (streamers, inverse cascade). Interplay between Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities and streamers. Transport of test particles in an electromagnetic turbulence (in particular non diffusive behaviors).
Organizers: M. Ottaviani, W. Horton

J. Candy            S. Champeaux
A. Das              S-I Itoh
K. Itoh             P.K. Kaw
B. Scott            A. Smolyakov
F. Spineanu         M. Vlad
M. Wakatani         T. Watanabe
F. Zonca

3) Generalised anomalous Ohm's law

Derivation of a mean field Ohm's law in a plasma turbulence. Subcritical turbulent states driven by anomalous diffusion (e.g. current diffusive ballooning modes, micro-tearing modes). Related effects in turbulent dynamo ("alpha" effect,...). Role of turbulent resistivity and diffusion in reconnection processes (turbulent reconnection). Role of kinetic effects.
Organizers: P.H. Diamond, X. Garbet

A. Das              J. Connor
B. Carreras         D. Hugues
S-I. Itoh           K. Itoh
P.K. Kaw            E.J. Kim
B. Scott            A. Smolyakov
E. Vishniac         E. Zweibel

4) Structure formation, self-organization

Turbulence self-organization via the generation of macroscopic fields: dynamo effects (generation of large scale magnetic fields) and zonal flows (mesoscale velocity fluctuations). Competition zonal fields/ zonal flows. Competition zonal flows/streamers. Role of secondary instabilities (e.g. Kelvin-Helmholtz, micro-tearing modes). Avalanches.
Organizers: S. Benkadda, P.H. Diamond, T.S. Hahm

A. Das              B. Carreras
J. Candy            E.J. Kim
B. Scott            S. Champeaux 
A. Das              D. Hughes
S-I Itoh            K. Itoh
P.K. Kaw            Z. Lin
A. Smolyakov        E. Vishniac

5) Effect of macroscopic MHD on turbulence

Generation of shear flow by a macroscopic MHD mode : impact on turbulent transport. Transition from macroscopic MHD modes to turbulence. Transport due to MHD modes (e.g. Edge Localized Modes in tokamaks). Role of a stochastic magnetic field on turbulence (e.g. ergodic divertor in tokamaks).
Organizers: B. Carreras, P. Beyer

A. Das              J. Connor
D. Hughes           P.K. Kaw
B. Scott            A. Smolyakov
M. Wakatani

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