Post Deadline

The postdeadline abstracts will be accepted between May 15th and May 31st by the Programme Committee, though email submission to Please note that the REGSITRATION FEES for authors of Post deadline papers will be the EARLY FEES (535€ for non EPS members, 475€ for EPS members and 100€ for students)

Tuesday, June 28th poster session

PD2.01 Lungu,   C.

Thermionic vacuum arc plasma processing of combinatorial Be, C and W films                                

PD2.02 Bolzonella, T

Active Quasi Single Helicity transitions at high plasma densities               

PD2.03 Hahm, T.S.

Undamped Fine Scale Zonal Flow and Its Influence on Isotopic Dependence of Confinement 

PD2.04 Bagryansky, P.

Design of auxiliary ECR heating system for the Gas Dynamic Trap           

PD2.05 Lalousis, P.

Self-consistent 3D calculation of the ablation rate of pellets with high injection velocities          

PD2.06 Maeyama, S.

An efficient numerical method for gyrokinetic d f Vlasov simulations in helical plasmas              

PD2.07 Martynov, A.

Helically symmetric magnetic islands: equilibrium and stability 

PD2.08 Taccogna, F.

Kinetic Divertor Modeling          

PD2.09 Hartmann, T.

Power Exhaust in Next-Step Fusion Devices     

PD2.10 Zuin, M.

Ion temperature measurements by means of a neutral particle analyzer in RFX-mod plasmas

Thursday, June 30th poster session

PD4.01 Bolun, C.

X-ray backlighting techniques based on spherically curved crystals for inertial confinement fusion experiments            

PD4.02 Cerchez, M.

100 TW laser pulse interaction with targets of randomly and periodical modulated surface       

PD4.03 Gu, Y.

Experiments on Indirective Driven Implosions of Fast Ignition Cone-shell Targets at LFRC          

PD4.04 Yang, J.

Experimental progress on radiation-related studies in RCLF      

PD4.05 Kalal, M.

Overview and latest proposals in SBS PCM based IFE technology featuring self-navigation of lasers on injected direct drive pellets 

PD4.06 Wang, Z.

The application of Thomson scattering measurements in laser-produced plasmas of void gold hohlraum          

PD4.07 Shang, W.

Study of x-ray radiant characteristics and thermal radiation redistribution in CH foam filling cylindrical cavities

PD4.08 Yang, Z.

Time-Resolved Measurement of Radiatively Heated Iron 2p-3d Transmission Spectra 

PD4.09 Zhou, W.

Enhancement of monoenergetic proton beams via cone substrate in high intensity laser pulse-double layer target interactions

PD4.10 Dong, J.               

Direct Drive Hydrodynamic Instability Experiments on Shen-Guang Laser

Friday, July 1st poster session

PD5.01 Zhang, D.

Simulation of the Spectrally-resolved Plasma Radiation in the WEGA Stellarator and Comparison with Bolometer Measurements               

PD5.02 Sánchez-Arriaga, G.

Dynamics of subcycle linearly polarized relativistic solitary waves in plasmas    

PD5.03 Sadykova, S.P.

Static and Dynamic Structure Factors with Account of the Ion Structure for High-temperature Earth-alkali Plasmas      

PD5.04 Khazaee, M.

Effect of radiation on one dimensional electromagnetic Solitons in an electron- positron Plasma

PD5.05 Kim, C. B.

Scaling of the spectra of the randomly stirred MHD plasma       

PD5.06 Kamran M.        

Extended cold-source Tonks-Langmuir-type model with non-Boltzmann-distributed electrons              

PD5.07 Gravier, E.

The water-bag distribution function for kinetic modeling           

PD5.08 Futatani, S.        

Turbulent Particle Transport in ITER H-mode Scenario  

PD5.09 Cao, L.-F.

Single order diffraction grating for EUV and soft x-rays and primary application in laser plasma diagnostics       

PD5.10 Chikvashvili, J.

New Fusion Concept Using Coaxial Passing Through Each Other Self-focusing Colliding Beams (Invention)