Submission of Abstracts

Please submit your abstract using the online abstract submission system. The system is open for paper submission from 14 Feb, 2011 until 28 Feb, 2011.

Please read the Instructions for Authors carefully before submitting your work.

The submission of your abstract/paper is performed online via a simple 4-step process. Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding:

On the OCS website click on 'proposal submission', create a user name if you do not have one yet, or log in.

Step 1: Select a conference track. Only select 'invited' if you have received an invitation from the conference organisation. Read and check the required boxes and click 'continue'.

Step 2: Fill out the required data for each author, adding additional authors using the 'Add Author' button. Write names using appropriate capitalisation (i.e. "Smith", not "SMITH" or "smith"). Do not include teams or groups as authors. Then enter the title using appropriate capitalisation (i.e. "Nice work at JET", not "NICE WORK AT JET" or "Nice Work At JET"). Do not use non-ASCII characters). Then select your presentation preference (oral or poster) and click 'continue'.

Step 3: Upload the submission file. Use the 'Browse' button, click 'Upload' and click 'continue'.

Step 4: Confirmation. Note: You can still modify you contribution, and you can interrupt submission and resume later, until you click 'Finish submission'. Once you click 'Finish submission' your submission is final and cannot be modified.