The IRFM is recruiting an Engineer for 3 years.   

The IRFM is looking for an Engineer in the frame of an EUROfusion Engineering Grant (subject: Engineering support on ITER wall conditioning)


In the coming years, ITER operation will have a growing focus on (integrated) commissioning and wall conditioning leading to its first plasma operation. The design of the ITER Glow Discharge Cleaning (GDC) system is currently under development and could strongly benefit from the commissioning and operational experience of presently operating devices. The WEST facility at CEA-Cadarache (close to ITER), a superconducting machine equipped with a tungsten wall, offers an excellent test-bed to develop conditioning strategies, and expertise as well as to engineer ITER-relevant equipment(s) in collaboration with the ITER team.
The high-level objectives of this EU Grant proposal are twofold:
(i) to establish protocols and strategies to assess both the quality of the vacuum and
the conditions of the plasma-facing components based on existing European facilities
in preparation for ITER operation, and,
(ii) to inform and support the design of the specific ITER GDC system.

Selection process

Duration of the Contract: 3 years

SG165549, dépêche du 31/08/2021