Approximately 70 persons from IAEA Member States and International Organizations are expected to attend. Participants should be persons actively involved in the relevant topics of the meeting.

Following the standard IAEA procedure, official participants to the meeting must be nominated through their national authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs or National Atomic Energy Authority).

In order to participate in the meeting, the following major steps must be completed:

1) Submission of an abstract (see details below under ABSTRACT)

2) Submission of IAEA participation and copyright forms

Meeting participants will be accepted only if the respective Participation Form A are transmitted to the IAEA through the appropriate Governmental representative authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Atomic Energy Authority).

Participants presenting a paper must also send a completed and duly signed form for submission of a paper (Participation form B) (PDF, Microsoft Word) with the abstract of their presentation to the IAEA.

3) Submission of registration form

In order help facilitate the local organization of the meeting, participants are requested to duly complete and submit the Registration Form directly to the indicated email address, or complete the on line registration Form before 22 March 2013.