From Marseille-Provence airport or from Aix-TGV (fast train from Paris) to Aix en Provence city:

Suggested transport to your hotel from Marseille-Provence Airport or Aix-TGV to Aix-city is by shuttle bus, taxi or rental car. The total distance is respectively about 35 and 15 km.

By Shuttle bus:     Bus line  Airport- Aix TGV- Aix city

      It costs around 10 Euros from Airport and 5 Euros from Aix-TGV. There is a bus every 30 minutes leaving at xx:00 and xx:30 (from 05:30 to 23:30) from Airport. Travel duration ~30 minutes from Airport and 15 min from Aix-TGV depending on traffic.

      Be careful one bus goes to Aix city the other one to Marseille (opposite direction).

     The last bus stop in Aix city is for Aix center (all hotels), at the corner of avenue de l'Europe and avenue des Belges (see map below).

    All the hotels are less than 1 km distance from the bus stop.

By Taxi:

        Around 60 Euros from airport, 30 Euros from Aix-TGV for one person.

By Rental car:

        Check with your hotel the possibilities to park your car. Difficult to park downtown.

Map of Aix  with the approximate location of the hotels, conference place, and the airport bus stop.