In the frame of a structured training program, it is intended to train early-stage engineers during 3 years. This program will take place within a large collaborative group to provide the technical know-how and the skills which are necessary for the engineering of components for ITER and for the management of ITER relevant projects. The participating “Host Associations” will host at least one trainee each, covering fields where special knowledge or facilities is located at these associations. Each trainee will work on particular engineering tasks falling under a defined project within the “Host Association” together with the other participating partners supporting the project (about 80% within host association, 20% within partner associations).

The aim of the training is to reinforce the knowledge of the trainee thanks to his involvement in an engineering team constituted of experts in various domains. Specific courses will also be chosen in order to quickly become familiar with fusion physics and fusion technology. The trainee will also take an active part to operational activities within the context of a collaborative work, and to evolve towards a larger autonomy and responsibility in some subprojects. So in this way, various engineering projects have been defined to reach these technical and management objectives.