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Overview : Nuclear fusion represents a highly promising option for a sustainable, inherently safe, clean and virtually unlimited source for energy supply from the second half of this century onwards. On the road map towards energy production by fusion, the ITER experiments is the next step. The objective is the demonstration of the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion energy for peaceful purposes. In Europe, extensive R&D programmes supported by the EFDA and by the associations have been initiated for a long time to develop topics that are critical for the construction of ITER components. Therefore, it is of the foremost importance and a most needed prerequisite to strengthen the human workforce by training of young scientists and engineers in this special area in order to maintain and transmit the unique experience acquired in Europe and to solve the many challenging development tasks now and in the future.


Overall Approach : European Training Network for MAgnet TEchnology for FUsion (MATEFU) operates within the framework of Euratom Fusion Training Scheme (EFTS). This training programme takes place within a large collaborative research to provide the technical know-how and skills in the area of magnets for ITER and to innovative ITER-relevant research tasks.

MATEFU as Magnet Technology for Fusion is one component of EFTS, applied to the ITER magnets and cryogenic system. The MATEFU project was initiated on 22nd of September 2007 by the signature of the contract between the main partners: CEA, CRPP, ENEA, FZK, and Twente University. A total of 8 trainees are presently integrated in the teams of these 5 Institutes.



MATEFU coordinator:

CEA: Commissariat ŕ l’Energie Atomique,
Association EURATOM-CEA
Dr. JL Duchateau (jean-luc.duchateau@cea.fr)
Centre d’Etude de Cadarache (Bt. 506)
13108 Saint Paul Lez Durance


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