Poster Session P3

P3-001 : Joëlle MARGOT (topic A)
Modelling of a chlorine high-density plasma submitted to a static magnetic field

P3-002 : Leanid V. SIMONCHIK (topic A)
Influence of nitrogen impurities on an electron-excited helium atoms concentra- tion in the self-sustained normal dc glow discharge at atmospheric pressure

P3-003 : Niraj B. TRIVEDI (topic A)
Remediation of gaseous pullutants using non-thermal plasma

P3-004 : Masato WATANABE (topic A)
Developement of compact gas treatment system using secondary emission electron gun

P3-005 : Alexei M. ESSIPTCHOUK (topic A)
The optimum arc velocity for minimum cold electrode erosion

P3-006 : Ghomi Marzdashty HAMID REZA (topic A)
Influence of magnetic field on the output pulse duration of a copper vapor laser

P3-007 : Cécile ARNAS (topic A)
Carbon dust produced in laboratory plasmas and in Tore Supra : comparison

P3-008 : Josef BLAZEK (topic A)
Investigation of electric conditions in the vicinity of carbon nanotubes grown in a DC plasma sheath

P3-009 : Yu-Hsuan HUANG (topic A)
Temporal correlation of defect excitation in dusty plasma system

P3-010 : Masaaki INUTAKE (topic A)
Efficient sustaining of a DC atmospheric pressure glow discharge by use an auxiliary gas flow in pin-plate electrodes

P3-011 : Susumu KATO (topic A)
Particle-in-cell simulations of high energy electron production by intense laser pulses in underdense plasmas

P3-012 : Youn-Jea KIM (topic A)
Numerical analysis of flow characteristics of an atmospheric plasma torch

P3-013 : Homero S. MACIEL (topic A)
Surface modification of activated porous carbon by oxygen plasma treatment

P3-014 : Akitoshi OKINO (topic A)
Multi-plasma gas inductively coupled plasma source for industrial applications

P3-015 : Patricio SILVA (topic A)
Axial and radial measurements of the neutron emission from miniature plasma focus devices

P3-016 : J. Julio E. HERRERA VELAZQUEZ (topic A)
Review of results from the FN-II dense plasma focus machine

P3-017 : Ilija STEFANOVIC (topic A)
Detection of particle coagulation in argon-acetylene plasma with the help of H-alpha emission spectroscopy

P3-018 : Ilija STEFANOVIC (topic A)
Gas temperature effect on the time for onset of particle nucleation in argon diluted acetylene plasma

P3-019 : Ana Marcia TAVEIRA (topic A)
Formation mechanism of the atmospheric ball lightning using the double Beltrami equation

P3-020 : Isao TSUKABAYASHI (topic A)
Characteristics of the ion probe in combustion flame

P3-021 : Masayuki WATANABE (topic A)
Characteristics of the plasma jet by applying a pseudo-spark discharge

P3-022 : Neil F. CRAMER (topic A)
The magnetized dusty plasma discharge : negative and positive space charge modes

P3-023 : Yasushi MATSUNAGA (topic A)
Selective production of metallic carbon nanotubes

P3-025 : Milan TICHY (topic C)
A study of magnetically-supported dc discharge in cylindrical and inverted cyclindrical configuration

Experimental study of dust charge distribution using Faraday cup assembly

P3-027 : Suresh C. SHARMA (topic C)
Current-Driven Dust Ion-Cyclotron Waves in Presence of a Transverse DC Electric Fields in Magnetized Plasma with Charge Fluctuations

P3-028 : Nikolay I. GRISHANOV (topic C)
Electron Landau damping in a laboratory dipole magnetic field plasma

P3-029 : T.J.M. BOYD (topic C)
Modulation of harmonic emission spectra from intense laser-plasma interaction

P3-030 : Kazuhiro AKIMOTO (topic C)
Nonlinear cyclotron-resonance accelerations by a generalized EM wave

P3-031 : Hyun Chul KIM (topic C)
Discharge asymmetry induced by the pulsed radio-frequency current

P3-032 : Alexander KUDRIN (topic C)
Excitation of whistler waves by an arbitrarily oriented loop antenna located in an enhanced-density channel in a magnetoplasma

P3-033 : Ane AANESLAND (topic C)
Immersed RF antennas in low pressure, high density plasma sources

P3-034 : Yoshihiko UESUGI (topic C)
Transient response of the introduction coil loading impedance and RF inverter system in the initial startup phase of RF induction thermal plasmas

P3-035 : Victor MUNOZ (topic C)
Longitudinal oscillations in a nonextensive relativistic plasma

P3-036 : Kazunori TAKAHASHI (topic C)
Polarization reversal of electron cyclotron wave due to radial boundary conditio

P3-037 : Alexander V. KOSTROV (topic C)
Whistler waves propagation in plasma with nonstationary magnetic field

P3-038 : Mieko TOIDA (topic C)
Multi-species effects on magnetosonic waves and energy transfer in thermal equilibrium plasmas

P3-039 : Mikhail STARODUBTSEV (topic C)
Upper-hybrid and electron-cyclotron waves in a laboratory magnetoplasma: weak spatial dispersion and parametric effects

P3-040 : Manfred A. HELLBERG (topic C)
Rarefactive ion-acoustic solitons in a two-electron plasma

P3-041 : Naveen K. JAIMAN (topic C)
Cross focussing of counter propagating laser beams and beat wave excitation of a plasma wave

P3-042 : Ioannis KOURAKIS (topic C)
Theory of solitary waves in complex plasma lattices

P3-043 : Alexander I. YAKIMENKO (topic C)
Dynamics of self-trapped wave beams in plasmas with highly-nonlocal nonlinearity

P3-044 : Ioannis KOURAKIS (topic B)
Modulated envelope localized wavepackets associated with electrostatic plasma waves

P3-045 : Ioannis KOURAKIS (topic C)
Lagrangean formulation of ion- and dust-ion-acoustic waves

P3-046 : Petro P. SOSENKO (topic C)
Global low-frequency modes in weakly ionized magnetized plasmas : effects of equilibrium plasma rotation

P3-047 : Andrea ILLIBERI (topic C)
Coherent structures in an electron beam

P3-048 : Arun SARMA (topic C)
Observation of the ion-ion instability and its suppression mechanism in a dusty double plasma device

P3-049 : Takao FUKUYAMA (topic C)
Control of the chaotic state caused by the curent-driven ion acoustic instability and dynamical behavior using delayed feedback

P3-050 : Julio PUERTA (topic C)
Analysis of the drift instability growth rates in non-ideal inhomogeneous dusty plasmas

P3-052 : Gionvanni BETTEGA (topic C)
Ion resonance instability in the Eltrap electron plasma

P3-053 : Iglika SPASSOVSKA (topic C)
Study of nonlinear phenomena in four component dusty plasma

P3-054 : Masayoshi Y. TANAKA (topic C)
Dynamical behavior of 2D viscous-vortices and formation of vortex crystals

P3-055 : Anatoly ZAGORODNY (topic C)
Stochastic acceleration in strong random fields

P3-056 : Heinrich HORA (topic C)
Debye length of plasmas generalized to degenerate metal electrons and to Fermi energy in nuclai with change to quark-gluon plasma

P3-057 : Guido CIRAOLO (topic C)
Control of transport in a Hamiltonian model of the SOL

P3-058 : Yuri ZHELEZNOV (topic C)
A new experimental technique for investigation of plasma generated with plasmotrons in electrophysical installations

P3-059 : Ingmar SANDBERG (topic C)
Generation and saturation of large scale flows in flute turbulence

P3-060 : Abdelhamid KHALFAOUI (topic C)
Statistical thermodynamics of strongly coupled plasma

P3-061 : Altair SOUZA DE ASSIS (topic C)
Self-consistent quasilinear theory

P3-062 : Volker NAULIN (topic C)
Impurity transport in plasma edge turbulence

P3-063 : Yukihiro SOGA (topic C)
Structure formation and transport processes of a nonneutral plasma coupled to an external rotating wave

P3-064 : Boris O YAKOVLEV (topic C)
Control of chaos in parametric decay instability

P3-065 : Stefan MULLER (topic C)
Basic vs. turbulent mechanisms for transport and confinement in the TORPEX device

P3-066 : Abdelatif TAHRAOUI (topic C)
Transport coefficients due to the ponderomotive effects in plasmas

P3-067 : Kristoffer RYPDAL (topic C)
Mechanisms of confinement in simple toroidal geometries

P3-068 : Robert DEWAR (topic C)
Finite Larmor Radius Effects and Quantum Chaos

P3-069 : Francesco CALIFANO (topic C)
Propagation of finite amplitude electrostatic disturbances in an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma

P3-070 : Rowena BALL (topic C)
Qualitative structure and stability properties of a unified dynamical model for turbulence - shear flmow interactions in quasi two-dimensional plasma flows

P3-071 : Barbara ATAMANIUK (topic C)
Non-linear phenomena in dusty plasmas

P3-072 : Tsuchiya HAYATO (topic C)
Control of fluctuations in ECR plasma by applying multipole magnetic fields

P3-073 : Toshiro KANEKO (topic C)
Electrostatic ion-cyclotron instabilities modified by the parallel and perpendicular plasma flow velocity shears

P3-074 : Yannis KOMINIS (topic C)
Langmuir solitary waves interaction with linear dispersive waves

P3-075 : Nicolas LEMOINE (topic C)
Turbulence in a toroidal magnetized plasma investigated by collective light scattering : plasma form factor and plasma diffusion

P3-076 : Simone MAGNI (topic C)
Statistical analysis of correlations and intermittency of a turbulent rotating column in a magnetoplasma device

P3-077 : Vladimir P. PAVLENKO (topic C)
On the stability of interchange mode turbulence with respect to excitation of large-scale flows

P3-078 : Steluta TEODORU (topic C)
Discussion of the Bohm criterion for a collisional plasma with fast electrons

P3-079 : Ashild FREDRIKSEN (topic C)
Studies of effects of edge and interior DC biasing on plasma rotation and transport in a toroidal geometry

P3-080 : Alexey V. IVANOV (topic C)
Nonlinear damping of a Langmuir wave of finite amplitude as a critical phenomena

P3-081 : Dusan JOVANOVIC (topic C)
Colisionless magnetic reconnection in the lower-hybrid frequency range

P3-082 : Paraskevas LALOUSIS (topic D)
2D-Modelling of pellet injection in the poloidal plane: results of numerical tests

P3-083 : Kohnosuke SATO (topic D)
Fundamental process of hydrogen pellet ablation in high temperature plasmas

P3-084 : Keita ICHIZONO (topic D)
Development of a precise size-controllable pellet injector for the detailed studies of ablation phenamena and mechanism

P3-085 : Ryosuke IKEDA (topic D)
Production of overdense plasmas by launching 2,45 GHz electron cyclotron waves in a helical device

P3-086 : Shoichi SHIINA (topic D)
Aspect ratio dependance of bootsrap current and RF current driving efficiency

P3-087 : Vladimir V. POSTUPAEV (topic D)
Plasma heating by electron beam in corrugated magnetic field

P3-088 : Nikolay V. SAKHAROV (topic D)
Study of plasma heating in ohmically and auxiliary heated regimes in spherical tokamak Globus-M

P3-089 : Masayoshi TAGUCHI (topic D)
Theoretical studies of parallel current in the presence of fluctuations

P3-090 : Alexei PANKIN (topic D)
ELM triggering conditions for the integrated modeling of H-mode plasmas

P3-091 : Dennoum SAIFAOUI (topic D)
The influences of the Magnetic Shear on the Improvement of the Quality of the Confinement in Plasma of Tokamak

P3-092 : Eric FAUDOT (topic D)
parametric study of 2D DC potential structures induced by RF sheaths coupled with transverse currents in front of ICRF antennas

P3-093 : César GUTIERREZ-TAPIA (topic D)
Electron cyclotron current drive efficiency in an axisymmetric tokamak

P3-094 : Tomoya SUGATA (topic D)
Estimation of power balance in steady state LHCD discharges on TRIAM-1M

P3-095 : Vipin K. YADAV (topic D)
Plasma heating due to X-B mode conversion in a cylindrical ECR plasma system

P3-096 : Vincent BASIUK (topic D)
Lower hybrid counter-current drive experiment in JET

P3-097 : Tommaso BOLZONELLA (topic D)
Active modification of MHD instabilities in T2R

P3-098 : Albert MEIGE (topic B)
One-dimensional PIC simulation of a current-free double-layer in an expanding plasma

P3-099 : Jan-Ove HALL (topic B)
Structure Formation by Modulational Interaction between Lower-Hybrid Waves and Dispersive Alfvén Waves

Printed in France - Credit CEA - 25/11/2004 - T. Hutter