Poster Session P2

P2-001 : Nikolay I. GRISHANOV (topic B)
Influence of bounce resonance effects on the cyclotron wave instabilities in a dipole magnetospheric plasma with anisotropic temperature

P2-002 : Anthony T.Y. LUI (topic B)
Multiscale substorm features

P2-003 : Chanchal UBEROI (topic B)
Surface-wave induced magnetic reconnection model at the magnetopause and space weather phenomena

P2-004 : Virginia M. ALVES (topic B)
Energy mode distribution for waves generated by a pair of counterpropagating Langmuir waves

P2-005 : Tarsem Singh GILL (topic B)
Ion-acoustic solitons in a weakly relativistic plasma with finite ion temperatur and non-thermal electrons

P2-006 : Tarsem Singh GILL (topic B)
Ion-acoustic solitons and double-layers in plasma consisting of positive and negative ions with non-thermal electrons

P2-007 : Victor MUNOZ (topic B)
Disperson relation of finite amplitude Alfvén wave in a relativistic electron- positron plasma

P2-008 : Muhammad SHAFIQ (topic B)
Potential of a moving test charge in a dusty plasma in the presence of grain size distribution and grain charging dynamics

P2-010 : Hong LIU (topic B)
Particle acceleration through the resonance of high magnetic field and high frequzncy electromagnetic wave

P2-011 : Marcio DE MORAES (topic B)
Effects of the electron nongyrotropy type in the beam-plasma interactions

P2-012 : Tom CATTAERT (topic B)
Electron-acoustic solitons in two-electron plasmas

P2-016 : Gianluca SPIZZO (topic B)
UV imaging of a plasma for space applications

P2-017 : Lizhu TONG (topic B)
Leader modeling of gigantic jets connecting thunderclouds to the ionosphere

P2-018 : Lizhu TONG (topic B)
Investigation of initiation of gigantic jets connecting thunderclouds to the ionosphere

P2-019 : Bengt ELIASSON (topic B)
Nonlinear whistlerons

P2-020 : Catherine KRAFFT (topic B)
Wave decay processes in a weakly magnetized plasma

P2-023 : Padma Kant SHUKLA (topic B)
Instability of broadband upper-hybrid waves in dusty magnetoplasmas

P2-024 : Luis O. SILVA (topic B)
Magnetic field generation by intense neutrino fluxes in plasmas

P2-025 : Dusan JOVANOVIC (topic B)
Coherent tripolar electric field structures associated with phase-space vortices in the earth's magnetosphere and in the solar wind

P2-026 : Jovo VRANJES (topic B)
Waves in partially ionized plasma with inelastic collisions

P2-027 : Barbara ATAMANIUK (topic B)
Saturation of the Farley-Buneman instability via nonlinear mechanisms

P2-029 : Genta SATO (topic C)
Plasma production by helicon waves with single mode-number in low magnetic fields

P2-030 : Petro P. SOSENKO (topic C)
Asymptotic kinetic theory of magnetized plasmas : quasi-particle concept

P2-031 : Takao TANIKAWA (topic C)
Large-volume, helicon-plasma source for simulation experiments of space plasmas

P2-032 : Akira TONEGAWA (topic C)
Characterisitics of the hall current surrounding a magnetized filamentary plasma

P2-033 : Akira TONEGAWA (topic C)
Observation of the molecular assisted recombination in a hydrogen plasma

P2-034 : Keisuke YAMAMOTO (topic C)
Simulations of dusty plasmas using a special-purpose computer system for gravitational N-body problems

P2-035 : Shinji YOSHIMURA (topic C)
Potential structure of a plasma hole in a rotating magnetized plasma

P2-036 : Matthew John HOLE (topic C)
Statisitics of polarization and stokes parameters of stochastic waves

P2-037 : Kazuhiro AKIMOTO (topic C)
Kinetic effects in strong Langmuir turbulence

P2-038 : Milan TICHY (topic C)
Recombination in deuterium plasma at cryogenic temperatures (down to 130 K)

P2-039 : Milan TICHY (topic A)
Comparative diagnostics of Ar and He surfatron generated plasma by means of optical emission spectroscopy and probe measurments

P2-040 : Michael G. ZEITLIN (topic C)
Plasma Fusion: (Meta)Stable Localized Patterns in (Non) Equilibrium Ensembles

P2-041 : Ivan G. NAGORNIY (topic C)
Features of Nanosecond Laser-induced Optical Breakdown at Eir-water Interface

P2-042 : Masaaki MATSUKUMA (topic C)
Influence of boundary condition on ion energy distribution function

P2-043 : Felipe Barbedo RIZZATO (topic C)
Nonlinear field dynamics in electromagnetic plasma accelerators

P2-046 : Ryuta ICHIKI (topic C)
Melting of 2D Coulomb clusters in dusty plasmas

P2-047 : Reiji SUGAYA (topic C)
Relativistic electron beam acceleration by compton scattering of lower-hybrid waves

P2-048 : Irina KUMKOVA (topic C)
Effect of near electrode processes on discharge in powerful pulse generators of dense plasma

P2-049 : J. Julio E. HERRERA VELAZQUEZ (topic C)
Existence and stability of relativistic solitary waves in warm plasmas

P2-050 : Davoud DORRANIAN (topic C)
Generation of short pulse radiation from magnetized wake in gas jet Plasma laser interaction

P2-051 : Alexander G. LITVAK (topic C)
Self-focusing of laser radiation in cluster plasma

P2-052 : Philip G. RUTBERG (topic C)
The electric discharge in superhigh pressure gas at current amplitude up to 5,10 5 A

P2-053 : Altair SOUZA DE ASSIS (topic C)
Monte Carlo modeling of auroral electron acceleration

P2-054 : Suresh C. SHARMA (topic C)
Inhomogeneous Energy - Density Driven Instability in Presence of a Transverse DC Electric Fields in a Magnetized Plasma Cylinder

P2-055 : Renato PAKTER (topic C)
Stability of off-axis motion for intense particle beams in periodically focusing channels

P2-056 : Nils BRENNING (topic C)
Conditions for plasmoid penetration across magnetic barriers

P2-057 : Nils BRENNING (topic C)
Electromagnetic radiation from double layers

P2-058 : Jiri OLEJNICEK (topic C)
A novel method of computer based interferogram evaluation

P2-060 : Bizhan FAROKHI (topic C)
Chaotic particle dynamics in free-electron lasers with coaxial wiggler

P2-061 : Wataru OOHARA (topic C)
Fluctuation-phase relation between positive and negative ions on pair-plasma electristatic waves

P2-062 : Ioannis KOURAKIS (topic C)
Nonlinear theory of dust lattice mode coupling in dust crystals

P2-063 : Tsuyoshi TAKEDA (topic C)
Phase-space holes in an electron-beam-plasma

P2-064 : Francesco CALIFANO (topic C)
Secondary instabilities and vortex formation in collisionless-fluid magnetic reconnection

P2-065 : Laurence GODBERT-MOURET (topic D)
A spectral line shape analysis of motional stark effect spectra

P2-066 : Ivan DURAN (topic D)
Stability of the hall sensors performance under neutron irradiation

P2-067 : Peter PELEMAN (topic D)
Reliability of the 1D fluid probe model for mach probe measurements

P2-068 : Alexander V. SURKOV (topic D)
Analytical theory of doppler reflectometry in slab plasma model

P2-069 : Toshitaka IDEHARA (topic D)
Development of submillimeter wave source Gyrotron FU series for plasma diagnostics

P2-070 : Andrey LITNOVSKY (topic D)
Experimental investigations of metallic mirrors in TEXTOR tokamak

P2-073 : Isamu OGAWA (topic D)
Plasma scattering measurement using a submillimeter wave gyrotron as a radiation source

P2-074 : Rostyslav PAVLICHENKO (topic D)
Application of microwave imaging system for density fluctuation measurements on large helical device

P2-075 : Sergei Ivanovich LASHKUL (topic D)
Poloidal inhomogeneity of the particle fluctuation induced fluxes near of the LCFS at lower hybrid heating and improved confinement transition at the FT-2 tok

P2-076 : Keisuke SASAKI (topic D)
Soft X-ray measurement in IRE on the TST-2 spherical tokamak

P2-077 : Roman W. SCHRITTWIESER (topic D)
First result on a laser-heated emissive probe

P2-078 : Vladimir VOITSENYA (topic D)
The environment effect on operation of in-vessel mirrors for plasma diagnostics in fusion devices

P2-079 : Nikolay I. GRISHANOV (topic D)
Collisionless wave dissipation in a D-shaped tokamak with Soloviev type equilibrium

P2-080 : Klaus SCHOEPF (topic D)
Analytical model of fast ion behavior in current hole tokamak plasmas

P2-081 : Andrey A. ANIKEEV (topic D)
The compact mirrors with high pressure plasmas

P2-082 : Yizhi WEN (topic D)
Measurements of magnetic fluctuations and magnetic reynolds stress in the KT-5C tokamak

P2-083 : Vladimir V. SHKURKO (topic D)
Influence of the geometry of a target on the load characterisitice of a laser- emission discharge at different gas pressure

P2-085 : Artur G. ELFIMOV (topic D)
Identification of local Alfvén wave resonances with reflectometry as a diagnostic tool in tokamaks

P2-086 : Tatsuo SHOJI (topic D)
Whistler wave plasma production in CHS

P2-087 : Javier VITELA (topic D)
Stabilization of burn conditions in an ITER FEAT like tokamak with uncertainities in the helium ash confinement time

P2-088 : Mireille SCHNEIDER (topic D)
Self consistent simulations of alpha particle heated plasmas

P2-091 : Leopoldo SOTO (topic D)
Research on pinches driven by SPPED 2 generator : hard X-ray and neutron emission in plasma focus configuration

P2-092 : Leopoldo SOTO (topic D)
An ultra miniature pinch-focus discharge

P2-093 : Susumu KATO (topic D)
Effects of laser wavelength and density scalelength on absorption of ultrashort intense lasers on solid-density targets

P2-094 : Susumu KATO (topic D)
Generation of quasi static magnetic field in the relativisitic laser-plasma interactions

P2-095 : Andrea MURARI (topic D)
Developement of real time diagnostics and Control Algorithms for JET in view of the next step

P2-096 : Stéphane HEURAUX (topic D)
On non-zero space average density perturbation effects in tokamak plasma reflectometer signals

P2-097 : Geert VERDOOLAEGE (topic D)
Reconstruction of Zeff profiles at TEXTOR through Bayasian source separation

P2-098 : Lilia POPOVA (topic D)
Particle-in-cell simulations of divertor plasmas including recombination effects

P2-099 : Elina ASP (topic D)
Te/Ti effects on JET energy confinement properties

P2-100 : Hideo SUGAMA (topic D)
Phase-space structure in plasma turbulence

Printed in France - Credit CEA - 25/11/2004 - T. Hutter