19th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Lyon (France) 14-19 October 2002

Accommodation and Social Program

(updated on 01/08/2002 - modification of the visit of Cadarache)

Please read the status of hotel reservations before  filling the reservation form

Download the brochure and the reservation form (updated) 
(pdf : 967 ko)

Download the cover page and enjoy nice photos of Lyon 
(pdf : 624 ko)

Reservation form

Return by fax : Download the reservation form in .pdf (updated) 

Print the reservation form. Fill it and send it by fax to "Package Organization" (+33 4 72 77 45 56)

Return by e-mail :  Download the reservation form in .doc (updated)

Edit the reservation form. Fill, save and send it by e-mail to "Package Organization" ( n.gentil@package.fr )


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