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News : archives 2001-2002

This page indicates outstanding facts arising from the ‘’magnetic fusion’’ activity in the CEA or in Europe.

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30/10/2002 Sixth ITER negotiation meeting (N4) : press release 


The sixth meeting ( N6) concerning the negotiations among the partners of the international project ITER (Canada, Japan, Russia, and European Union) has just ended to Rokkasho-Mura in Japan. Site assessment of Canadian site and Japanese site was undertaken. The last assessments concerning the two European sites (Cadarache in France and Vandellos in Spain) will be held in December.

The EU Delegation distributed to Participants copies of the technical dossier supporting the French site candidature. The EU delegation underlined the importance and the quality of Cadarache infrastructures as the best guarantee of the success of ITER construction.

The next meeting will be held in Barcelona on December 9-10 2002.

Press release (pdf, 25 ko)

For further information :

16/10/2002 French response to Joint Assessment of Specific Site (JASS) 

This report describing the French response to Joint Assessment of Specific Site (JASS) has been sent by the French government to the European commission on 16/10/2002.

This document will be presented to the ITER negotiators during their next meeting in Japan at the end of october.

For further information :

14/10/2002 19th IAEA Fusion Energy Conférence (14-19/10/2002, Lyon)

About 680 researchers representing 41 countries met in Lyon from 14 till 19/10/2002 during the 19-th international Conference on the Energy of Fusion.

Claudie Haigneré, french Minister in charge of research and new technologies made a welcome speech, underlining the importance for France of the works on the controlled fusion and in particular for the ITER project.

Mr le Haut Commissaire ŕ l'énergie atomique presented an overview of the fusion energy. Recent developments in Tore Supra have been described by Jean Jacquinot, head of "Département de Recherches sur la Fusion Contrôlée, CEA Cadarache"  (Jean Jacquinot's slideshow, 20 pages, PDF, 1425 Ko ).

A public information about the role of fusion in the futur energy market took place at the end of the conference (J. Weisse's slideshow , in french, 34pages, PDF, 1133 Ko)

18/09/2002 4minutes 25s plasma discharge in Tore Supra 

A new record was reached in Tore Supra : a 4 minutes and 25 secondes long plasma discharge requiring to exhaust more than 750 Megajoules of thermal energy.

09/2002 Progress report of the Département de Recherches sur la Fusion Contrôlée 

This report describes 2000-2001 activities involved by the "Département de Recherches sur la Fusion Contrôlée" (DRFC). 


2000-2001 DRFC Progress Report (230p, PDF, 11 Mo) 2000-2001 DRFC Progress Report
(230 pages, 11Mo, PDF)

   Contents :
  • ITER site
  • Tore Supra program : evolution
  • Tore Supra : physics studies
  • Tore Supra : sub-system operation, maintenance and enhancement
  • Participation in JET operation
  • Developments for the next step and the long term
  • Collaborations
  • Communication
  • Appendix

   Ce rapport est aussi disponible en français Version française

02/08/2002 New world record  for Tore Supra. 
  Six hundred Megajoules injected, six hundred Megajoules extracted !

On July 30th 2002, the engineers and scientists of the Association Euratom-CEA have achieved a three and a half minutes long plasma discharge on Tore Supra, sustained by 3MW of current drive power, thus requiring to exhaust more than 600 Megajoules of thermal energy during the experiment. It establishes a new world record in this domain after the 280MJ discharges of 1996. Prior to the record discharge, a number of long pulse shots have been achieved, demonstrating the capability of Tore Supra to run long pulses on a regular basis.

The capability to run long pulse plasmas on a regular basis opens the way to explore new scientific questions in ITER relevant conditions like the aging of the toroidal limiter under thermal cycling, limiter erosion and hydrogen trapping (co-depostion), real time discharge control and performance optimisation (confinement and stability) through a set of feedback control systems.

This remarkable result has been obtained with the newly completed configuration of actively cooled plasma facing components which ensures that every square centimetre of the wall in front of the plasma is actively cooled. It is worth recalling that two years were needed for the European industry to complete the complex manufacturing of the 600 fingers which constitute the toroidal limiter of the project, each of them being composed of 21 tiles made of carbon fibre composite bonded to the copper base. The more than 12000 tiles have been individually controlled before final acceptance of the fingers. One and a half year was necessary to install the overall assembly, including the 5m in diameter limiter ring with a position accuracy of 1/10th of a millimetre to ensure an homogeneous distribution of the heat deposition.

This record value, very quickly achieved during the experimental campaign, is in no case a limit in performance. The range of accessible parameters has now to be explored in order to establish its actual capability. In principle, energies exceeding a gigajoule should be achieved by the overall assembly corresponding to discharge durations of hundreds of seconds.

A batch of record discharges !


The record discharge :  3mn 33s, 0.61 GJ

See also : Tore Supra.

13/06/2002 "Fusion technology, Annual report of the Association Euratom-CEA, 2001" 
  This annual report presents research activities, which have been performed in 2001 by the French EURATOM-CEA Association in the frame of the European Technology Programme. (see also  CEA activities : ITER and future reactor): 

Fusion Technology : Annuel Report of the Association Euratom-CEA. Juin 2001


06/06/2002 Fourth negotiation meeting (N4) : press release

The fourth meeting ( N4) concerning the negotiations among the partners of the international project ITER (Canada, Japan, Russia, and European Union) has just ended to Cadarache. Japan officially presented the site of Rokkasho-walled (northern end of Honshu) to host ITER then the European Union transmitted the sites of Cadarache (France) and Vandellos (Spain).

The next meeting will be held in Toronto on September, 17-18 2002.

Press release : 
  - french issue Version française, 150 ko
   - english issue English issue, 255 ko

For further information :

16/05/2002 Preparation of the 4th meeting of ITER's negotiators.
  On May 16, 2002, the French and Spanish teams presented respectively the sites of Cadarache and Vandellos as possible European site for ITER's hosting. This presentation was made to  the experts of the 4 current partners of ITER (Europe, Japan, Russia, Canada).

The presentation of the Cadarache site was :
 - an overview made by the head of the Euratom-CEA Association
 - a description of the socio-cultural environment of the Cadarache region
   (Mr. le sous préfet d'Aix en Provence)
 - a description of the French education system
   (Mr. le recteur de l'académie d'Aix - Marseille)
 - a poster session dedicated to technical and safety aspects.

Several documents were given to the experts of the 4 partners of which a "Summary document on technical information for the Cadarache site". This report is available on line :
       - french issue french issue, 1806 ko
       - english issue English issue, 1648 ko

For further information :

25-29/03/2002 Semaine "Plasmas chauds" In french
  Yearly educational session about "Hot plasma" will be held in Cadarache from the 25 to 29/03/2002 : 
  Agenda (PDF)
  Participation form  (PDF or Word)
02/2002 Summary of the Theory Festival of Aix en Provence In french (09/2001)
10/12/2001 Political agreement on the 6th PCRD budget  
  A political agreement between the fifteen ministers of research of the European Union was reached on the content, the tools and the budget of the next Executive Programme (6th PCRD) which will cover the years 2003 to 2006 inclusively.
For the fusion programme, the main points are :
  the budget is fixed at 750 M€
  France is official candidate via the CEA to host the ITER project

For further information : the press release from the ministry of research : version html Le site du Ministčre de la recherche or PDF.

09-10/2001 Results of the first tests on the ITER toroidal magnet conductor
07-09/2001 Tests of the ITER toroidal field coil model
09/2001 Cadarache as European site for ITER : report from the European Fusion Development Agreement Le site de l'EFDA  on technical and socio-economic aspects
rapport complet (5 477 ko) Cadarache as a European Site for ITER
Report on the Technical and Socio-economic Aspects
, 27 September 2001(146 pages, pdf, 5 477 ko, )

See also the pages under the heading "Cadarache, a European site for ITER"

08/2001 Tore Supra has restarted ! (1page, pdf, 48 ko,  ou )


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