The aim of the GOT4TSI training programme is to prepare engineers for activities to support the ITER project and the long-term fusion programme within the Associates, in Fusion for Energy and in the ITER Organisation.

In the specific case of this training, the objective is to develop system engineers with experience in integration and commissioning of tokamak systems.

To achieve this, it is foreseen that the training combines theoretical lessons with involvement in the development and commissioning of tokamak systems.

This training will allow the European fusion programme to have experienced people to carry out the integration, assembly and commissioning of tokamak systems within ITER.

The Associations participating in the network (CEA, IPP.CR, ENEA Fra) have significant competence in the topics mentioned above and can give a broad training to the young engineers providing them both with the tools that they need for the future together with valuable practical experience in these areas.

Thus, the broad range of competences required in ITER in the future is addressed, and the proposed project will provide a significant resource to be used for the Tokamak System Integration.

The proposed network will totally fit with the overall objectives as it suggests in the training the following cross-activities (see the detail in each WP description):

• Participate in the life cycle (design to commissioning) of the main components in a tokamak system (WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5);

• Get a detailed look at the assembly plan of the existing machines, with special care on the assembly phases with their mechanical requirements as well as the use of special tools for the study of assembly tolerances and the methods of determining special reference points for components alignment (WP2, WP3, WP5);

• Advanced training on the CATIA system to prepare and manage Digital Mock-ups. Use of specific tools for kinematics and assembly (i.e. DELMIA) including the use of virtual reality platforms and associated equipments (WP3, WP5):

• Participate in the restart activities of an existing tokamak (WP2, WP4)

o Be involved in the planning

o Be trained in one of the control room main functions

o Be involved in the commissioning of a tokamak system