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ETN_QPM is a Training Network granted by EFDA, European Fusion Development Agreement. It consists of five European Research Institutes that lead fusion research consortia.

The aim of ETN_QPM is to develop, among the Institutes, knowledge of “Quality in Project Management” at an adequate level for them to participate in projects proposed by Fusion for Energy or ITER Organization.

Different Early-Stage Researchers will be assigned to work within the Project Management Team of each Institute. They will play a project management role in six consortia. It will provide the means for a large number of institutes (15) to sufficiently increase their knowledge of Quality and Project Management  in order to develop their quality system for the different fusion projects. Integrating such a number of Associations will help to harmonize the practices in European Fusion Community.

Courses and workshops, covering fusion, ITER, quality, and project management topics, will be opened to individuals from all the Institutes.













Disclaimer: This project is carried out with financial support from the European Fusion Development Agreement, under the Goal Oriented Training Program 2008.
The ETN_QPM project is solely responsible for this web site and the data given on it. It does not represent the opinion of the EFDA and the European Community EFDA and the project members are not responsible for any use that might be made of data appearing herein.

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