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14th European Fusion Physics Workshop

Computational Plasma Physics for ITER and beyond

Hotel Villa Borghese, Gréoux-Les-Bains, France
December 4th - 6th, 2006

nov. 28th: see the programme

The 14th European Fusion Physics Workshop will be hosted by Association Euratom-CEA, and will be held in Gréoux-Les-Bains near to Cadarache. The meeting will take place at the Hotel Villa Borghese on the 4th - 6th December 2006

Scientific secretary to the workshop: D.V. Bartlett

For registration, two conditions:

  1. your name is in the list sent by the head of your research unit to the scientific secretary (deadline November 3rd)

  2. fill in the registration form and send it to Karine Ruiz by November 18th (e-mail or fax +33 442 25 62 55)

Registration form:  .pdf   or  .doc

More information here

session chairs

    F. Jenko
S. Pinches
V. Naulin
G. Vlad
D. Campbell

Local Organising Committee

    A. Bécoulet
C. Darbos
G.T. Hoang
P. Maget
K. Ruiz (secretary)
T. Hutter